Already October 10 role-playing adventure Mistover will be released on PC and PS4. In the meantime, pre-orders for the game in Steam, in honor of which the developers from the South Korean studio Krafton released a gameplay trailer.

A project with elements of a turn-based strategy will tell about a magical country that was attacked by monsters that appeared from a portal into another world. The monsters almost exterminated the human race, but then disappeared as unexpectedly as they appeared. To prevent re-invasion, a group of daredevils dives into the portal to find out where the creatures came from and how to stop them.

The developers promise forty hours of storyline campaign, and players will explore five different regions of the mystical country. Location maps change all the time, and the witching fog not only limits visibility, but also affects everything that happens. In the alien lands of the heroes, not only secrets and treasures await, but also turn-based battles with monsters.

The cost of the game on Steam will be 1699 rubles. While it can be purchased with a ten percent discount for 1529.10 rubles.


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