In the center of Berlin, a car races across a walkway into a vacant lot. Four people were killed, three were seriously injured.

In a serious accident in Berlin-Mitte, four people died on Friday evening. Among them was, according to the fire department, a toddler. According to police, a Porsche SUV had driven onto the sidewalk and crashed into a construction fence. He has come to a halt on the underlying building plot.

As a police spokesman said, three people were severely injured, including the driver of the accident car. Experts of the traffic police were on the scene until the night, in order to secure traces of the accident. The tracks should then – if necessary, in a 3-D model – be merged. So you want to reconstruct the ride of the car and clarify whether it may have overturned. At first, much was still unclear.

On Friday evening at 19 o'clock on the corner of Invalidenstraße and Ackerstrasse an off-road vehicle had raced across a sidewalk and through a fence into a building plot. According to recent findings, a police spokesman assumed that the victims had been passers-by and that the three injured had been in the vehicle.

First, the question was whether it was a deliberate act. However, it all points to a traffic accident, said the police spokesman.

Fire department searches accident scene with thermal camera

The helpers who came to the scene in the large supply, a picture of the horror offered: The black car wreck torn on the property, in front of it on the sidewalk four very seriously injured people. The attempts to revive her were unsuccessful. Survived the mother of the killed infant. "She was – at least physically – unharmed and had another child with her, which was not injured," said a fire department spokesman.

The driver of the car had come to the hospital seriously injured for inpatient treatment. As a fire department spokesman reported, but he could still say that a child sat in the car. This was taken injured to the hospital. How many people were sitting in the car was not clear at first.

Even hours after the accident, the fire department used thermal imaging cameras to scan the sprawling, overgrown town to make sure all the victims were recovered.

Bad accident also in Stuttgart

The fire brigade was on site with 40 emergency services and special teams providing psychological support to witnesses and their own people. The police were half a dozen patrol cars and also several crew transporters on site. Ambulances waited in a row. Witnesses were interviewed to clarify the accident. In the area there were significant traffic obstructions.

In Stuttgart, a similar accident happened almost at the same time – but not as serious. A car crashed in front of a supermarket on the sidewalk and injured three pedestrians hard. A fourth passer-by was slightly injured as he jumped to the side, police said on Saturday night. The drunk driver had lost control of his car in the evening, grazed a traffic island and crashed into the wall of the shopping mall. Emergency doctors and paramedics provided for the victims. The Raser came away with lighter injuries.

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