Black Friday at the RATP! Ten metro lines interrupted, extremely disrupted traffic on most of the network. The forecasts of the Paris transport authority slam like a sting reminder of the worst social conflicts that have paralyzed Paris transport over the last thirty years. It will also be the strongest mobilization since the strike of October 18, 2007 … against special pension plans under Nicolas Sarkozy.

The stage is set. Without wasting time, the unions of the Paris metro decided to draw the first salvo against the future pension reform Macron. Even though the outlines are always particularly vague. Will others gear up behind and write the page of a tough social autumn? Several days are already on the agenda of the discontent, with FO calling to protest on September 21, the CGT three days after the 24. Even the liberal professions, organized in collective, parade Monday, September 16 in Paris .

The specter of the big strikes of 1995

Attention, political bomb in sight! The executive knows it well. The universal retirement reform is all the more explosive because it includes a sub-folder of the most flammable: special diets. "The president will let the Prime Minister get on the front line, High Commissioner Jean-Paul Delevoye explain the reform and then he will clarify things if necessary. Emmanuel Macron will speak when the time comes, in the province, in the manner of the great debate, "said his entourage.

Édouard Philippe will therefore take his clothes deminer chief this Thursday. According to his entourage, "the special regimes, he will talk about it in his speech" before the areopagus of trade unionists and representatives of employers meeting this Thursday at the CESE (Economic, Social and Environmental Council). The Prime Minister must also give the calendar of the new consultations and his method. Probably thanks to the experience of his mentor Alain Juppé who, in 1995, was beaten in the open after two months of hard conflict, was forced to withdraw his plan to reform special regimes and resign.

Sarkozy too had tried … to no avail

An exercise in hugotherapy, we promise in the entourage of the head of government. And to decline messages all more soothing. "We are determined, but we will not play matamores either. It is out of the question to mount the French against each other. Or again: "We are in a logic of construction, no confrontation. "

At the Elysee, we are also in mine clearance mode. Emmanuel Macron would have learned the lesson of one of his predecessors, Nicolas Sarkozy, who had also tried to tackle special diets … in vain. "It did not work at the time because some words gave the impression that the beneficiaries of special schemes could be privileged. It struck a part of the opinion, and we saw the blockages it caused in the country at the time, "recalls an adviser to the Elysee. And to warn: "If it starts by dividing people, it's dead."


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