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Palestinian Minister of Health d. May Al-Kaila is one of the consequences of Israel's disengagement of electricity from three Palestinian governorates, and the impact on the lives of patients.

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  • Mayalkila added in a press release on Saturday evening, that the separation of electricity will harm patients and their medicines stored in the refrigerators of their homes, in addition to its impact on all citizens and the validity of food that needs refrigerators, in addition to its impact on medicines and vaccines stored in refrigerators health centers and care clinics Health.
  • The Minister of Health stressed that any power outages on refrigerators and vaccines in health centers will harm them and affect their effectiveness, especially as these medicines are kept at low temperatures, including what needs permanent milling during the conservation period.
  • She pointed out that most vaccines are stored at a temperature between 2-8 degrees Celsius, and there are a number of vaccines that are stored at temperatures as low as 20 degrees below the taste of polio and taste of rota.
  • Mai Alkylh: any power cuts negatively affect the effectiveness of vaccines given to children, and lose their effectiveness.
  • The Minister of Health said that the impact on vaccines is a threat to public health, as vaccines have contributed to the elimination of many diseases such as polio and other and reduce the spread.
  • Mai Alkylh: One of the most important factors in responding to the effectiveness of vaccines is the cold chain in the preservation of taste, which means that giving vaccines not kept in the appropriate temperature leads to the lack of benefit and failure to achieve the desired benefit of giving it.
  • And continued d. This is a dangerous step taken by Israel as a collective punishment for all the Palestinian people. Israel has not observed any international charter, custom or law in this step.
  • She pointed out that the Jerusalem Electricity Company has exerted great efforts to ensure the provision of electricity to the health centers in cities, but this does not apply to all health centers, as it will not be able to provide electricity to all health centers as a result of the Israeli cutting, which means a threat to the lives of all patients who They visit these centers, especially serious cases, in addition to damaging medicines and vaccines stored in these centers.
  • The Minister of Health held the Occupying Power fully responsible for the lives of Palestinian patients, and any complications that may occur to them, while appealing to international institutions and the international community to intervene and pressure the occupation to stop this collective punishment.
  • The Ministry of Health called on citizens who keep their medicines in refrigerators not to open their refrigerators during the cutting period except for the need to keep the refrigerator cooler and reduce the likelihood of affecting the effectiveness of the drug stored.
  • The Ministry of Health confirmed that the separation of electricity will not only affect patients and medicines, but will go beyond refrigerators to save food and food in homes, shopping malls and shops, where the separation of electricity causes the temperature of refrigerators, which means that the food that needs to be kept at low temperatures Will be affected and vulnerable to damage.
  • It is noteworthy that the Israeli Electricity Company decided with the approval of the Israeli government to cut electricity to three Palestinian governorates of Jerusalem, Ramallah and Bethlehem, under the pretext of the accumulation of the debt of that company to the Jerusalem Electricity Company, which is a private company.


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