CIUDAD JUÁREZ, Mexico.- Gabriela Romero Reza's table is a mountain of pain documents, also of hope. They contain the stories of people who have been victims of crime, in a Ciudad Juárez where this year they have already killed about a thousand people.

̶ Is it known when Mr. Osmani will meet his family in Cuba? Asks the public servant.

On the other side of the phone is Rigoberto Flores, the owner of the Luz Divina Funeral Home, a 36-year-old man who has lived among the dead since the age of six, a business that his grandfather first attended and then his father. For him, firing a murdered person is returning the dignity that was taken away from him.

In those it is. Is it so. Everyone.

The official position of Romero Reza, 44, is as long as his cases. She is the regional coordinator in the northern zone of the Executive Commission of Attention to Victims of the State Attorney General's Office, in Ciudad Juárez.

“Mr. Osmani” Baldemira Pavón is the son of Georgina and Gonzalo, the husband of Kenya Beatriz, the father of Keyner and Keiller. He is the one who had to leave his Cuba on April 11, and died in Ciudad Juarez stabbed on July 19, at 40 years of age.

He is the same one who has been accompanied by other bodies for a month in the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo), and is now in a coffin. Osmani is heading to his native Velasco, Holguin, where he will probably be fired this Friday.

With his arrival, his family's odyssey will have ended in Cuba to return it at no cost, after the international protocols for assistance and assistance to nationals abroad have been breached.

“We think about how this family feels, what their regret is. We are attentive to the phenomenon of migration, in this case in particular when we talk to the Juaran community that was helping them, the religious community. What had to happen is extremely moving and unfortunately Osmani had to die in our land and it is the least we can do, ”Romero Reza told CubaNet.

As CubaNet announced, the State Attorney General's Office in the North Zone, in Ciudad Juarez, will be the one who assumes all the expenses, through the Victims Attention Unit.

“After this happening and the problems we have had, because of the place where the family is and the little support that the Cuban country has presented to be able to help and repatriate the body, because we have reached by some means to positive identification and to have contact with the family In this way we are able to make the delivery and we have met all the requirements, ”said Prosecutor Jorge Nava.

The Mexican authorities have already begun the procedures so that Osmani Baldemira Pavón arrives in Havana in a coffin before this Thursday, according to how the procedures that will be carried out Tuesday at the Embassy of Cuba in Mexico City are developed.

When he arrives, the coffin will be taken for more than twelve hours by road to Velasco, Holguin, where he will be fired. Holguín airport does not admit the arrival of dead bodies.

“We understand the family, we understand their pain, what they have been going through since their relatives leave their country, more when these events happen in a very unfortunate way. It is the instruction of Governor Javier Corral to have a humanitarian policy in the state of Chihuahua, ”he stressed.

Osmani Baldermira Pavón left Cuba with a dream and 5 thousand dollars of loan for his journey through several countries, until he arrived at the Mexican border with the United States, where more than 14 thousand migrants are currently awaiting their asylum process in Ciudad Juárez politician in the United States. Osmani will return this week in a coffin. If Cuba allows it.

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