Elena Korikova

Elena Korikova

The 47-year-old actress does not hide that she is pretty tired of popularity, and now she is very happy to lead a measured life away from camera flashes and spotlights.

“I caught myself thinking during today's walk. From the age of 17 she worked, played so many different heroines: both positive and negative, and young, and age. And now I can be just myself, as I am. I can travel, equip my nests and much of what there was no time for before. In a word, such happiness is simply living, enjoying life and not proving anything to anyone. It's time for yourself beloved. Thank God for everything! ”- admitted the star of“ Poor Nastya ”.

One of the fans noted that for the sake of completeness, Elena needs a good, loving man. Korikova did not disregard this comment. “I'll give it to my husband,” she said succinctly.

The actress chose to leave unanswered questions about the identity of the spouse. Therefore, now it remains only to guess when Korikova managed to get married, and who managed to win her heart. The representatives of Elena, with whom StarHit contacted, also turned out to be not taciturn. “She doesn’t go anywhere and will not tell anything,” the agents said.

For many, Korikova’s frankness came as a surprise

For many, Korikova’s frankness came as a surprise

Recall that the blonde has several high-profile novels. The first husband of Elena was the writer Dmitry Lipskerov. After a divorce with him, Korikova began to meet with the son of actress Ekaterina Vasilyeva and playwright Mikhail Roshchin, Dmitry, to whom she gave birth to a son, Arseny. Vasilieva was unhappy with this choice and made the lovers break up. Elena was also married to the operator Maxim Osadchim and met with her colleague Sergey Astakhov.

Elena Korikova was accused of alcoholism and seclusion. From whom is “Poor Nastya” hiding?

And recently, the actress admitted that one of her men began to take revenge after she decided to break off relations with him. True, Korikova did not voice the name of this person. “He promised that all his life will put me to destruction – both as an actress and as a woman. Then I did not attach importance to his words and for many years I lived in harmony and happiness with another good person. I didn’t understand for a long time: why did the press gang up on me, because I was always so sincere with the journalists. Until one of them confessed secretly that it was an order, he even said whose. He said that now it will be regular, as paid in advance. And then they divided my life into two parts. In one, I remained myself, while the other raced according to his clearly prescribed scenario. Excitement increased with every article, ”the star admitted.

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