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Saturday 31 August 2019

Rana Al-Jumaie and Shaima Morsi wrote:
"The price of gold today" .. Sentence saved by Google by heart, the multiple hands that search behind that news, and spread the sites carrying him, as Facebook does not skimp on its pioneers pages and groups with the name of "gold prices", followers of the news is divided into owners Inside the goldsmiths of Khan el-Khalili, Mohamed Mamoun was not giving mobile phones a moment to follow the gold price on the exchange's websites.

"Every moment the price of a gram of gold Bitger" .. So says Mamoun, the owner of the gold shop, not only follow-up to know the news spread on the Internet only, but followed up-to-date on the stock exchange, Mamoun used to that, prices have not stabilized for more than five years as he says .


During last week's trading, the price of a gram of gold rose about 12 pounds, the 18-carat price reached 603 pounds, while the 21-carat price rose to 704 pounds, and the 24-carat reached 804.6 pounds, has risen to its highest level in 6 years.

Mamoun's eyes remain attached to the screen of the mobile, see the rise and fall of the stock, indicating an increase or decrease in the price of gold ounce, which weighs 31.10 grams, and the price is equal to 1543 dollars.

This was the case of one of the nearby jewelers, "I am following every second, and the customer keeps the price tracker, but not Zina," Khaled Ramadan realizes that this is his profession, and he has to know every big and small talk, referring to his open phone on the stock exchange website. The best follower is needed all the time. "Despite the market recession, it is trying to deal with the current conditions, which have reached the point where some people switch their shops.

Throughout those years, Ramadan and Mamoun witnessed the change in the activity of the gold shops. A little, and not too risky gold. "


Not only does the price of gold rise, but the state is increasing taxes collected from gold owners. "The state thinks that the high price of gold is a soft gain, but I am a capitalist," he said.
Long years in which gold merchants worked on Al-Sagha Street, they also witnessed bad periods, including the years after the setback. “I could hear from my father that from 67 to 73 it was a recession,” says Mamoun. The brightest periods were during the era of President Anwar Sadat. Economic up to the early Mubarak era. "


Ramadan was busy examining a ring of gold that the owners decided to sell, and he sees that most customers come to sell rather than buy "he still needs to untie a street, whether Eid, schools or Ramadan," but he does not believe that the sale of gold is true "people remain Farhana is selling Gold because of its high price, but gold Mtaabsh. "

"Gold is a safe haven," Ramadan said, which is also agreed by Mamoun. It was also the speech of the executive director of commodities and foreign currencies at the wealth management unit of UBS Group AG, Bloomberg, as the trade war between China and America and the slowdown in global growth pushed gold prices. For height.
Ramadan confirms the validity of his speech, recalling the value of the gold pound during the era of President Gamal Abdel Nasser, "the value was 97 piasters, the pound of gold has reached a price of 5632 pounds," demonstrating that all the time who sells gold is the loser because the price is always on the rise.


Inside the goldsmiths, gold shops are lined up next to each other, but most of them are devoid of customers. People are on their way unaware of the callers of the gold shops, “Don't want to sell Dahab, Professor?” During the middle of the day there were few who went to the gold shops. Sarah stood in front of one of the lukewarms examining the gold formations "I buy gold to wish it."
Sarah is keen to follow the price of gold every time you decide to go down "love to buy and change from time to time," when making that decision writes on the search engine Google price of gold, to find a number of sites tell her about the current price of gold grams.

Sarah does not like to sell gold pieces "instead of bass", whenever she has the money required to do that habit, but the lady does not always do so "because there are pieces I have a memory or a certain occasion," and tend to buy more gold than silver "form more sweet And its value in it. "
In a nearby shop, Mona has been picking for almost an hour between the models offered to her. News sites or social media sites.
Because she keeps watching the gold news, she regrets not having bought in a few months. “She put off the descent,” he said. “Instead of paying for the gram, 517 pounds, we stapled at 610.”



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