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Sunday 08 September 2019

Written – Yasmin Sharkawi:

Sunday, the anniversary of the departure of the artist Ihsan Sharif, the star in the famous film "Rumor of Love"; "Bahija bint Selah Pasha".

Ihsan Sharif was born on May 15, 1921 in Helwan, and began her artistic career with the amateur band. It was discovered by director Zaki Tulaimat, who married him after his separation from his first wife, journalist Fatima Al-Youssef, known as "Rose El-Youssef."

She worked in the group "Rihani", and then moved to the band "Ali Kassar", and in 1947 began her film career with the film "gift".

Ihsan Sharif presented several distinctive roles, most notably the film "Ayna Omri", about the novel Ihsan Abdul Quddus, "The Black Panther", "Rumor of Love", "Bostagji", "Salah al-Din Ayyubi", "Mother of the Bride", "The Train of Age" , "The Stranger", "The Bullet Is Still in My Pocket," and her latest film, "Saw the Queen" with the artist Nadia El Gendy.

According to the book Mahmoud Qassem, the late artist Ihsan Sharif, had a place in the artistic community, due to her famous marriage Bzki Tulaimat. In response to the fact that she was honored by the late President Mohamed Anwar Sadat, Qassem stressed that in the 1970s and specifically in 76, and during the presidency of Rashad Rushdie, he organized a festival of art, in the presence of President Sadat, who was keen to honor a number of artists and give them money As a monthly pension, "Qasim" praised the phenomenon, explaining that it lasted only three or four years, saying: "The role of unions in this period was very weak, and the unions were under-performing in their services and it was personal initiatives."

As for the period before her departure, Qasim said in special statements to Masrawy that the features of disability and aging were evident during her scenes in the movie "The Black Panther", and that she was working almost standing on her feet, which means that she worked for the last moment to receive payment He explained: "The fact that the art press did not care much and that there are a number of artists, including Ihsan Sharif, when they get out of the spotlight did not know about them nothing."

Ihsan Sharif left on this day September 8, 1985, leaving an artistic legacy immortalized after her departure.

Ihsan Sharif


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