The ex-soloist of the Silver group first struck everyone with an ignorance of geography, and now teases fans with a provocative look.

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The 34-year-old pop singer posted a video on the official Silver page on Instsram, which obviously should have captivated her fans. Of the clothes on Seryabkina, which cuts along the forest road on an ATV, only the top and either transparent leggings or lace shorts. In this case, the underwear on the singer is not noticeable.

Judging by the hashtags of a famous Japanese brand ATV, the place of shooting is the Konakovo River Club in the Tver Region. Commenting on what is happening in the frame, Olga writes:

Camouflage party reborn)) I could not come back here and not drive again on this baby.

Fans in the majority did not appreciate the singer's provocations. There are practically no enthusiastic reviews, but people are wondering:


@magiyakrasnogoExcuse me, are you in shorts now, or without them?


Debauchery. The beauty of nature can not be spoiled at least well …

It is interesting that among the comments there is spam that clutters up any social networks, but in this case it seems to be in the subject:

if # you / need money, then try it as I have time, work on the Internet … # 50tysch in week is always there, but there’s no difficult at all …

According to available information, in the Konakovsky district of the Tver region, Seryabkina was not a guest. In our places, her new video is being shot. But does Olga know where she is? Just recently, she laughed at herself with complete ignorance of geography.

– Through the veins flows a complete chiiiil)). Honestly, I thought that I could not soon rest for real. Since now there is no way to go far somewhere to the sea. And in my head there was a strange tincture. I always believed that a real resort vacation can be just by the ocean or by the sea. And just now I broke these boundaries. This year I discovered that you can escape for a couple of days somewhere in the suburbs and really have a super rest. Here in the Konakovo River Club lost in time and space. I feel the nature, ate – in general, my love and they are everywhere here, in short, I really enjoy the buzz. And what is your ideal vacation?

– wrote Molly (the current nickname of the singer) in her account.

Video © Instagram / serebro_official


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