Tesla has revised the Model Y rates, which will not be available until next year.

The department that sets prices for Tesla cars never stops working. On August 16, 2019, Electrek spotted a number of changes to the US manufacturer's fee schedule. This time they concern the Model Y, whose prices have been rebalanced compared to those of Model 3.

Specifically, the compact SUV is now sold for $ 1,000 more expensive, an increase that relates to the three versions available for pre-order (Battery Grand Autonomy, Dual Motor and Performance). Today, the cheapest Model Y starts at $ 48,000 in the United States (in white), against $ 47,000 (in black) at the time of formalization.

New Tesla Model Y Prices // Source: Electrek

Model Y prices rise

Tesla has accustomed automotive observers to these constant readjustments and it is highly likely that Model Y prices will change again by the first deliveries expected for the end of 2020. This increase allows Tesla to score a little more the price differential between Model 3 and Model Y, two cars that share the same architecture. In parallel, the firm has upgraded the Model 3 Performance, sold $ 1,000 more expensive after watching a big price cut.

At the time of writing, the changes have not been applied to the French catalog. The Model 3 Performance is still displayed at 57,990 euros and we have not managed to access the configurator Model Y (sign of an update in progress). Until today, the SUV was offered at 58,000 euros (Grand Autonomy), 62,000 euros (Dual Motor) and 70,000 euros (Performance). We must therefore expect a slight increase.

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