The explosion of a bomb in Northern Ireland raises new concerns about new violence on the island after Brexit. No one was hurt. But the security authorities suspect militant Republicans behind the act.

In Northern Ireland, an explosive device exploded on a road in the morning near the border with the Republic of Ireland. Deputy Chief of Police Stephen Martin was convinced by journalists in Belfast that the explosion was an attempted attack on Northern Ireland security forces.

An indication of an indeterminate item on a road near Wattlebridge, County Fermanagh, had previously attempted to lure police and anti-terrorist units into the vicinity of the blast site. Martin expressed the suspicion that the security forces should have been surprised by the detonation. Nobody was injured in the explosion.

The police suspect the underground organization Irish Republican Army (IRA) or their chipping New IRA and Continuity IRA behind the attack attempt.

The Brexit causes growing tensions

Political tensions in Northern Ireland have recently increased again, with Brexit scheduled for 31 October and the lack of agreement between the EU and the UK on a future border agreement between EU Member Ireland and Northern Ireland.

In April, IRA dissidents shot dead a 29-year-old journalist at a demonstration in Northern Derry. At the end of June, a bomb exploded in the town of Craigvon, Armagh, which police officers also allegedly met.

The IRA fought decades for the unification of Northern Ireland, which belongs to Great Britain, with the Republic of Ireland. EU integration and the Good Friday Agreement of 1998 had defused the Northern Ireland conflict.

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