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Since the 20th of September is The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening finally available for the Nintendo Switch. Although the remake already was hinted at three years ago, the official announcement was made in February 2019 – and now we are already roaming through the reinterpretation of the island Cocolint. Nintendo and Grezzo celebrate the release in various ways. From Nintendo's side we get a nice, new one Artwork to Link's Awakening as well as some The Legend of Zelda-inspired levels For Super Mario Maker 2who are celebrating Links new, old Nintendo Switch adventure. The level codes can be found in the integrated tweet. Try the levels once!

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The development team of the Japanese studio Grezzo, which was responsible for the work on The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening for the Nintendo Switch, publishes a sales start special message by Mikiharu Oiwa on behalf of all Grezzo employees. In it he describes his excitement, as the first article about the game online and advertising posters appeared on the streets. But now he is visibly relieved that the release has gone great.

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Oiwa stresses that very different people have been involved in the development of the remake: those who have nostalgic feelings for the original, as well as others who did not play the game or the series before. That's why Grezzo is sure a good balance created between nostalgia and fresh feeling. Oiwa would like to see parents who know the original play together with their children, who are experiencing the game for the first time. Finally, on behalf of Grezzo, he thanks Nintendo for the great collaboration.

How do you like the remake for the Nintendo Switch? You will find our detailed thoughts on this in our game test,

Source: Twitter (@ZeldaOfficialJP). (Super Mario DE), Nintendo Soup – News Image: © Nintendo

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