He has "no more electoral ambition", and obviously speech uninhibited. Former President Nicolas Sarkozy, who now prefers to pull the strings behind the scenes, delighted his audience this Thursday at the summer university of Medef. The one who ensures "no longer do politics" has indeed launched into a real show to the applause of many bosses present during his speech. And generously plucked the ecological figures of the moment, the young Greta Thunberg and the former Minister of the Environment Nicolas Hulot.

"This young Swede, so friendly, so smiling, so original in her thinking …", at first sarcastically Nicolas Sarkozy, clearing his throat, about the activist who has just arrived in New York to challenge the United States on global warming.

"The migration crisis has not started. She is coming »

For him, the question is not so much the "climate shock" but rather a "demographic shock". And to develop, always taking care to captivate the audience: "When I was born, it was not so long ago, there were 2.5 billion inhabitants. […] At the end of the century, we will be 11 billion. But it's done. Whatever we decide, it's done. […] In 30 years, Nigeria will have more inhabitants than the United States of America. I say that the migration crisis has not started. She's coming, "he predicts.

This increasing population, "it is also the first source of pollution", bounces the former head of state on ecology. The opportunity to discuss, without naming, Nicolas Hulot: "There was a former Minister of Ecology whose name I forgot, who in the same day said:" In 10 years, there is no will have more than electric cars.In 10 years, we will close all nuclear power plants. Electric cars do not need electricity, it's well known. "

And expand his international shooting stand: "If the president of the United States is in a good mood, we have a chance that it relaxes … If his breakfast went bad, it may have consequences. Anything, including the worst, can happen.


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