The most important news at a glance:

  • Jan Böhmermann: I want to be chairman of the SPD (21.23 clock)
  • "Dandelion" actor Helmut Krauss is dead (17.48 clock)
  • CDU Prime Minister criticized Merkel sharply (15.32 clock)
  • Lawsuits against compulsory break for British Parliament (15.11 clock)
  • Bolsonaro prohibits fire clearings for the time being (6:58 am)
  • Extreme racer Jessi Combs crashed (1:45 am)

The news of today:

+++ 21:23: Jan Böhmermann: I want to be chairman of the SPD +++

Jan Böhmermann wants to be SPD boss in his own words. That announced the satirist on Thursday evening in his show "Neo magazine Royale". Willy Brandt had appeared to him in a dream and had told him: "You have to do it, the Olaf (Scholz) is a pipe." There could be legal difficulties, he said. But: "I, Jan Böhmermann, would like to become chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Germany." To the address of the party members said the entertainer: "I am ready to save the SPD, if you help me."

His campaign has the hashtag "# newstart19", the website has the name However, he still has three challenges to overcome, as the 38-year-old writes on the website: "1. Formally, the candidacy for the party presidency must be submitted by Sunday at 6 pm 2. I need until then the support of five SPD sub-districts, 3. I need until then a valid membership in the SPD. "

+++ 8:08 pm: Secret camera discovered in Mexico's presidential palace +++

According to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a secretly installed surveillance camera has been found in the Mexican Presidential Palace. He was not worried, said López Obrador at a press conference in Mexico City. "We have nothing to hide." López Obrador spoke of a "sophisticated", "tiny" camera in one of the presidential offices. "We were picked up," he said. However, this is unnecessary: ​​"Everything we discuss is completely legal and transparent, there is nothing they have in our hands." Whom he suspected behind the spy act, said López Obrador not.

+++ 19.45 Clock: Bull kills man at Stierhatz in Spain +++

In a bull hunt in central Spanish Cuellar, a man has been killed by one of the animals. A bull has killed his 62-year-old boy with his horns, said Mayor Carlos Fraile. The man was a visitor to the festival who did not run in front of the bulls himself. After the start of the bull run, the victim was pushed into the arena. A galloping bull took him there on the horns and wounded him deadly. It is the first death in a bull hunt since 2009.

Video: Harvest 2019 below average but better than expected

+++ 18:44: Belarus aims for "new chapter" in relation to the US +++

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has promised a new beginning in relations between Washington and Minsk on the occasion of US Security Advisor John Bolton's visit. He proposed to Bolton "to open a new chapter in the relationship between the two states," Lukashenko said at the start of his meeting with Bolton. "The story continues," Bolton said, according to the Belarusian presidency. Since the dissolution of the former Soviet Union much time has passed, the "geopolitical situation has changed".

The security adviser of US President Donald Trump had traveled to Belarus after stops in Ukraine and Moldova. Minsk is one of Moscow's closest allies in Eastern Europe. A rapprochement with the US could in turn burden relations between Belarus and its eastern neighbor.

+++ 17:57: At least 18 killed in fighting between groups in southern Sudan +++

At least 18 people have been killed in battles between rival populations in crisis-ridden South Sudan. It came to the clashes in the state of Western Lakes in the center of the country, said the Information Minister of the State, David Maluong. Violent livestock thefts and struggles for land occur again and again, often tensions between hostile ethnic groups also play a role. After decades of conflict, many people in South Sudan are armed. In addition, a civil war broke out in 2013 between supporters of President Salva Kiir and his former deputy Riek Machar. In 2018, they signed a peace agreement to pave the way for a unity government.

+++ 17.48 clock: "Dandelion" actor Helmut Krauss is dead +++

The "dandelion" actor Helmut Krauss is dead. That was announced by ZDF. Krauss, who also worked as a cabaret artist and voice actor, died last Monday at the age of 78. Since 1981, he played for the ZDF in the children's knowledge program "Dandelion" the sympathetic-bäbeißigen neighbors Hermann Paschulke, until 2005 on the side of Peter Lustig. Since 2006, he gave in almost 60 episodes with the lead actor Guido Hammesfahr aka Fritz Fuchs the neighbors, who always had fun in the contradiction.

+++ 17:02: The AfD threatens further penalty for party finance +++

Because of irregularities in their finances, the AfD threatens another fine. According to the Bundestag administration of Thursday, this amounts to more than 34,000 euros. Accordingly, the revenue and expenditure related to the so-called Kyffhäusertreffen 2017 in Thuringia were not included in the AfD's 2017 Accountability Report. It goes to an amount of 17 084.48 euros. According to the party law, this results in a payment obligation amounting to twice the amount, ie 34 168.96 euros.

According to ZDF information, the visitors of the meeting had transferred their participation fee to an account of the AfD state association run by Björn Höcke. Thus, the money would be considered as taking the party and should have been stated in the accountability report of the federal party.

+++ 16:37: Salvini calls for major rally in Rome +++

After the agreement on a new government in Italy, the outgoing Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini of the right-wing Lega called for a mass rally. The demonstration will take place in Rome on 19 October and become a "great day of Italian pride," Salvini said in an online video on Thursday. He announced a nationwide information campaign by his party in September.

Video: The measure for a maximum of 11.80 euros

+++ 16:02: US President Trump wants to leave 8600 soldiers in Afghanistan +++

After a peace agreement with the radical Islamic Taliban, US President Donald Trump initially wants to continue to station 8600 US troops in Afghanistan. The troop presence should be reduced after the envisaged agreement first to this number, then will be seen further, said Trump in an interview with the radio network of Fox News. Currently, about 14,000 US soldiers are stationed in Afghanistan.

+++ 16.01 clock: imprisonment for identities in France for anti-refugee action +++

Because of an action against refugees, three leading members of an identitarian group in France have each been sentenced to six months in prison. A court in the Alpine town of Gap also imposed a fine of € 75,000 on the extreme right-wing group Génération Identitaire. The activists tried last year to prevent refugees crossing the border from Italy. The action "closed border" was under the motto "Defend Europe". Among other things, the court found the three members of the group guilty of misrepresenting themselves as French border guards. They had purposefully created "confusion over the exercise of a public function," it said. The action had caused widespread outrage in France. The group had already had a similar approach in 2017 with a ship on the Mediterranean.

+++ 15:47: Because Höckes Kyffhäusertreffen: Bundestag imposed 34,000 euros penalty against AfD +++

The Bundestag demands from the AFD a penalty payment for undeclared revenue. The AfD should pay a total of 34,169 euros, because they revenue from the so-called Kyffhäusertreffen the right-wing party grouping "wing" two years ago has not properly recorded in its annual report, said a parliamentary speaker in Berlin. Led by Thuringia state chairman Björn Höcke, the wing invited party members to its third Kyffhäusertreffen on 2 September 2017, demanding a fee of 20 euros from each adult participant. In the view of the Bundestag administration, these revenues should have been stated in the party's statement of account, which had not happened. According to the Bundestag spokesman, the revenue amounted to 17,084.48 euros. In accordance with the provisions of the Political Parties Act, the penalty order was issued at twice this amount.

+++ 15:32: Saarland Prime Minister Tobias Hans (CDU) goes with Merkel hard to court +++

Shortly before the state elections in Saxony and Brandenburg Saarland's Prime Minister Tobias Hans (CDU) goes to court with Chancellor Angela Merkel to court. In Merkel's time as party leader, the CDU "a sense emptying experienced," said Hans, according to a pre-announcement of the magazine "Cicero". "The soul of the party or controversial debates have hardly played a role in the end," Hans summed up the late phase of Merkel's term as chairman. Hans also criticized Merkel's refugee policy of 2015/2016. At that time, the then party leadership had "made many mistakes", not least "in trying to fool people, there is a European solution for everything". As long as this is not the case, Germany as a sovereign nation state "must be able to say where borders are," Hans demanded. The CDU is the party of the rule of law, "and there we lost a lot of confidence".

+++ 15.11 clock: Brexit opponents complain against Johnson imposed parliament break +++

Britain's Brexit opponents have taken legal action against both the London and Edinburgh bailouts imposed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. She has requested an "urgent legal review" of the compulsory break, said anti-Brexit activist and businesswoman Gina Miller, who had already achieved a legal success in 2017 in the struggle for the Brexit, the BBC broadcaster. Johnson's prolonged parliamentary break was "illegal." In 2017, Gina Miller's lawsuit forced Johnson's predecessor Theresa May to involve the UK parliament in the process of preparing for the EU's exit. In Scotland, 75 MEPs also requested a review by the highest civil court of the compulsory break for Parliament in London. Meanwhile, the number of signatories to an online petition against the compulsory break climbed to more than 1.3 million. Debate on a vote of no confidence against Johnson and early elections are not aborting.

+++ 13.31 clock: driver escape with 15 – bumper and license plate lost in an accident +++

In the investigation of a driver's escape in Lippstadt in Westphalia, the police have a 15-year-old on the track thanks to a broken bumper and plate. The teenager should have taken the keys to the family car and drove off on a jaunt with a friend, as the police said. When reversing, he drove so violently to a parked car that the bumper fell off.

The 15-year-old escaped the investigation, according to the accident last night and simply put the family car back home. Shortly after the policemen investigating the location had called the owner of the car, the father and his son had appeared at the scene of the accident. The case will be submitted to the prosecutor. The property damage estimated the officials to around 6000 €.

+++ 13:21: AfD politician Roi loses chairmanship of Left-Wing Extremism Commission +++

The AfD politician Daniel Roi has been recalled as chairman of the Enquete Commission "left-wing extremism" in Saxony-Anhalt by the governing parties of CDU, SPD and Greens with the help of the left. MEPs approved a motion with 63 votes in favor and 23 against. Roi came under criticism when, a few weeks ago, a ten-year-old photograph became public, showing him in the block of a neo-Nazi demo in Dresden. "Anyone who does not clearly distanced himself from this idea, makes himself implausible in the long term," said CDU member of parliament Andreas Schumann. Roi said he visited the demonstration in preparation for his political studies. "I stand by it", he stressed in the parliament. The 31-year-old wants to continue to be a member of the commission. The AFD Group had already announced that it would call its deputy Mario Lehmann as the new chairman.

+++ 13.11 clock: IPCC expects 280 million refugees by sea level rise +++

With a global warming of no more than two degrees Celsius, the IPCC anticipates 280 million refugees due to rising sea levels. This emerges from a draft of a special report on the oceans and the global ice deposits. Thus, even in optimistic CO2 estimates, low-lying megacities by 2050 would experience "extreme sea-level events" every year, such as hurricanes and floods.

+++ 13:09: Another better harvest after drought crisis 2018 +++

According to official data, this year's harvest was better again than after the extreme drought in 2018 – but there are regional differences. Overall, the quantities of cereals and rapeseed are still below average, as Federal Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU) said at the presentation of the official crop report. Around 44.7 million tonnes of grain are expected to come in, nearly 18 percent more than in 2018. However, the average for the years 2013 to 2018 will be missed by a good three percent.

This assessment largely coincides with the harvest balance presented by the Farmers' Union last Friday. To cope with many farms also still scarce grass food and low prices. Klöckner said that farmers will not be able to give home remedies this year due to the numbers and data.

+++ 12.55 clock: DFB waived proceedings against Tönnies +++

The DFB ethics committee will not initiate proceedings against the Schalke chairman Clemens Tönnies because of its controversial statements in Africa, as the committee announced. However, the Commission disapproved of Tönnies' statements and also considered them "racist". Tönnies' statements were a violation of the principles of the statute of the DFB. However, no proceedings were opened, "since Mr. Tönnies was able to convincingly convey that he was not a racist at the detailed hearing and questioning," it said in a statement.

Clemens Tönnies

Tönnies, a 63-year-old meat producer, criticized tax increases in the fight against climate change a good month ago as a keynote speaker at the "Day of Crafting" in Paderborn. Instead, one should finance 20 power plants a year in Africa, according to Tönnies. "Then the Africans would stop cutting down trees and they will stop producing children when it's dark." He later apologized for his statements and described them as "foolish". He leaves his office as chairman of the supervisory board for three months.

+++ 12:46: After disputes: Federal Employment Agency appoints new HR Director +++

The 62-year-old Christiane Schönefeld from North Rhine-Westphalia will in the future hold the post of HR and CFO at the Federal Employment Agency. The board of directors of the Federal Agency was in favor of Schönefeld, which had been proposed by the employers in the 21-member committee. Employees and employers are traditionally involved in their mutual staffing proposals. The post had become vacant after months of quarrels had led to the retreat of the previous Finance Director Valerie Holsboer in July. Schoenefeld currently heads the Regional Directorate North Rhine-Westphalia of the Federal Agency.

+++ 12.19 clock: women, children and the sick may leave rescue ship in the Mediterranean +++

The Italian rescue ship "Mare Jonio" with 99 rescued boat refugees on board may continue to call no Italian port. Women, children and the sick are likely to leave the ship, according to the Ministry of the Interior in Rome. The ship of the aid organization Mediterranea Saving Humans had taken the migrants on Wednesday morning on board. According to the organization, these included 26 women, 22 children under the age of 10 and six other minors. The NGO said that the "Mare Jonio" is located 13 nautical miles (about 24 kilometers) south of the Italian island of Lampedusa on the border with territorial waters.

+++ 11.56 clock: Satisfaction with the apprenticeship at the low point +++

The satisfaction of the German apprentices with their apprenticeship dropped to a low. In the training report published by the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB) for 13 years, for the first time less than 70 percent of respondents are "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with their training. Ten years ago, it was still 75.5 percent, said the DGB Federal Youth Secretary Manuela Conte on Thursday in Berlin.

For their study, the union interviewed more than 16,000 apprentices from the 25 most frequently selected training occupations. More than a third of them complained about regular overtime. Almost one in eight adolescents under the age of 18 even has to work illegally for more than 40 hours per week – only one in ten was a year ago.

+++ 11.54 Clock: Merkel affirms demand for a two-state solution in the Middle East conflict +++

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has reaffirmed the demand for a two-state solution in the Middle East conflict. "This must still be the goal, even if this goal turns out to be increasingly difficult to achieve," said Merkel on Thursday in the presence of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Berlin. "In any case, even if we know that it is a long, rocky process, we will do everything we can to hold on to the goal that both the Palestinians and Israel can live together in peace."

+++ 11.53 Clock: suspected terrorist wanted by Germany in Spain +++

A suspected assistant of the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS) sought by Germany has been arrested in Spain. The 25-year-old Moroccan was arrested in Elda in the province of Alicante in the east of the country, the Spanish police said on Thursday. The Policía Nacional posted on Twitter a video of the arrest that took place on the street. The alleged jihadist had fled Germany in 2017, then "secretly resident in several countries" and hid last in Spain, it said. He was arrested on the basis of a European arrest warrant issued by Germany.

According to official sources, the man is accused of logistically supporting a jihad cell with helpers in Germany, France and Morocco. Among other things, this cell had wanted to commit an attack with Kalashnikov rifles in December 2016 in Paris. These assassination plans had been thwarted by the police. Among other things, the Moroccans are accused of document falsification and fraud.

+++ 11:47 am: Media report: US cyber attack paralyzed Iranian military networks +++

According to a media report, the USA paralyzed Iran's computer systems in the "tanker crisis" with a cyberattack. The attack on communications networks of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards was already on June 20, reported the "New York Times" on Wednesday (local time). With the cyber attack, the US government wanted to prevent Iranian attacks on shipping in the Strait of Hormuz. According to the newspaper, Iran is still working to fully restore its digital infrastructure.

The US and Iran have long had an unofficial cyber conflict. Iran has seen regular attacks on US government networks and the digital infrastructure of US companies, according to the media report, citing US government officials.

+++ 11:28: Murder on Usedom: Legal Medicine finds DNA traces of Maria's pants +++

The question of the murder of 18-year-old Maria from the Baltic holiday island of Usedom was continued on Thursday with the questioning of a legal doctor. The prosecution accuses two 19 and 21-year-old Germans to have insidiously killed the pregnant young woman from Zinnowitz in March and out of murder lust. They wanted to see a person die, the indictment said.

The appraiser explained before the district court Stralsund that in the lower area of ​​the pants Maria's DNA traces of the older defendant had been found. It is a trace of several people, a so-called mixed track. The prosecutor sees this as a "grave indication" that the elderly defendant may have held Maria by the legs during the act. "The younger defendant had claimed this, but the elder had denied it, and the trial ended with the hearing of psychiatric assessors continued.

+++ 11.17 clock: China rolls armored troop transporters through Hong Kong +++

A few days before a planned mass demonstration in Hong Kong, Beijing has had its armored troop-carriers rolled through the Special Administrative Region. The video leaked by state-run Chinese media was called "annual routine rotation" by Beijing on Thursday. Meanwhile, the Hong Kong police banned a large-scale demo demonstration planned for Saturday.

The videos show troop vans and trucks crossing the border between mainland China and Hong Kong. The goal was, according to a report from the state news agency Xinhua, the garrison of the Chinese armed forces in Hong Kong. The troop transport was presented as a routine operation – it was the 22nd "rotation" of the troops since the first deployment of Chinese troops in 1997.

+++ 11.10 clock: Court in Thailand imposed capital punishment for murder of backpack tourists +++

Due to the murder of two British backpackers in Thailand, two migrant workers from Myanmar have been sentenced to death. The Supreme Court of the Southeast Asian country in Bangkok confirmed on Thursday a verdict of first instance. The judges considered it proven that the men killed the 23-year-old woman and the 24-year-old man in September 2014 on the popular holiday island Koh Tao. Both deny after interim confessions the deed.

The two Myanmarers – now 26 years old – had worked on the island as service forces. The police came on their trail through security cameras, which show them near the crime scene. Their defenders claim that they were tortured to enforce the confessions. In addition, evidence should have been manipulated. The authorities reject this. However, during the first trial in 2015, it became clear that the investigators failed to secure DNA traces at the scene. In Myanmar, the ruling sparked protests.

The case had made international headlines. The police were under pressure to solve the crime as quickly as possible in order not to endanger the reputation of Thailand as a holiday destination. The island of Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand has been the destination of backpackers from all over the world for many years. Because of a series of deaths she got the name "Island of Death" missed.

+++ 10.58 clock: Indian reports warn: Pakistani commands on the way +++

Ports in western India have been put on alert because Pakistani units are supposed to be on their way to India, according to Indian intelligence. The Coast Guard had informed that commanders of the neighboring country could penetrate into the state of Gujarat via the Gulf of Kachchh, the port operator Adani reported on Thursday according to Indian media.

It should also be Pakistani combat divers. All ports of the Indian state of Gujarat are reportedly on alert. Skippers should take the highest security measures and be vigilant.

The reports fall into a time of great tension between the nuclear powers India and Pakistan. At the beginning of August, India's government had withdrawn partial autonomy from the state of Jammu and Kashmir, which was also claimed by Pakistan. Since their independence from Britain, both states have already fought two wars around the area.

+++ 10:43 am: Probation of probation for Samsung heir Lee to be tested +++

One and a half years after being sentenced to corruption probation, Samsung Jaime Yong, heir to the Samsung corporate empire, is threatening to return to prison. The Supreme Court in Seoul overturned the verdict of the appellate court on Thursday in important parts and dismissed the case of the vice chairman of the smartphone market leader Samsung Electronics back to a subordinate instance, as reported by South Korean broadcasters. Lee was sentenced to five years in prison for bribery, infidelity and perjury in August 2017. An appeal court had mitigated the punishment.

+++ 10.33 clock: Italy's President instructs Conte with formation of new government +++

The way is clear for a government of populist five-star movement and Social Democrats (PD) in Italy. President Sergio Mattarella commissioned former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on Thursday to form a new government. Conte had accepted this "with reservations," explained the Secretary-General of the President.

Video: Government coalition in Italy stands

Conte announced a "new chapter" in the Italian government. "It's a very delicate phase for the country and we need to end the political insecurity that triggered this government crisis as soon as possible," Conte said Thursday. It should create a government in the "sign of novelty". Priority is the work on a budget law. Italy also wants to play a protagonist role in Europe again.

+++ 10.25 clock: Klöckner because of climate change for "active forest management" +++

In view of the situation of the German forests and the climate crisis, Federal Minister of Agriculture Julia Klöckner considers a strong timber industry to be necessary. "The timber market has collapsed," said the CDU politician in the program "Radio World" of Bavarian Radio. "If we want the forest to really be our climate protection campaigner, then we need active forest management, ie long-term binding of CO2 in wood." The question therefore arises: "How do we build more with wood, how do we use wood more and how can we ensure that this wood market does not completely collapse and that we can also store wood well?"

+++ 9:58: Number of unemployed in August slightly increased +++

The number of unemployed in Germany rose to 2.319 million in August. That was 44,000 unemployed more than in July and 31,000 less than a year ago, as the Federal Employment Agency in Nuremberg announced. The unemployment rate rose by 0.1 percentage points to 5.1 percent.

+++ 9.37 am: Water pipe break in Hagen: flooded cellars and streets +++

Wassen masses have flooded roads and cellars in Hagen in Westphalia due to a leak in a large pipeline. According to the fire department, three houses were temporarily vacated on Wednesday evening. Of these evacuations 36 residents were affected. The leak occurred for reasons unknown yet in a line from a waterworks to a high tank, which has a diameter of 70 centimeters, as the fire department reported with reference to information from the responsible energy supplier.

+++ 9.20 clock: Investigations against police officers for right-wing chat content +++

The Frankfurt public prosecutor's office has begun investigations against a police officer from the Hessian Mühlheim. The man is under suspicion to have sent images with right-wing extremist content in a chat, said the spokeswoman for the prosecutor. That was a violation of Article 86a of the Criminal Code. Earlier, the Hessian Broadcasting had reported.

+++ 9.16 clock: According to WHO measles in Europe on the rise +++

Measles are on the rise again in Europe. The World Health Organization (WHO) registered more than twice as many measles cases in 48 European countries in the first half of 2019 than in the same period last year. Accordingly, the number of measles cases rose from 44,175 to 89,994. Four European countries – Great Britain, Greece, the Czech Republic and Albania – lost their status as measles-free.

Comment: After death by measles: "Do not fall for legends."

+++ 8.58 clock: 59-year-old crashes in the Black Forest in Gorge and dies +++

When hiking in the Black Forest a 59-year-old fell into a ravine and died. As the police in Freiburg announced, the woman was traveling with a small group near Löffingen. She apparently lost her footing and fell about 15 meters into the Wutach Gorge. Alarmed rescue workers could not help the woman anymore. She succumbed to her serious injuries at the scene of the accident.

+++ 8.35 am: Five-year-old is in danger of death after swimming accident in the Bavarian town of Schwabach +++

After a swimming accident in an outdoor pool in the Bavarian town of Schwabach, a child is in mortal danger. The five-year-old boy drifted lifelessly in a non-swimmer pool on Wednesday afternoon, police said in Nuremberg. A bather pulled him out of the water and immediately started resuscitation. Together with other first aiders, he continued to do so until the rescue workers called in to help arrived. They took the boy to a hospital with a rescue helicopter that landed directly on the outdoor area. The condition of the child was critical, police said. According to their findings, the five-year-old was with his mother in the bathhouse. Investigations to the misfortune ran.

+++ 8.25 clock: Bus driver in Dusseldorf collapses during the trip and causes accident +++

In Düsseldorf, a bus driver suffered a cardiac arrest while driving and caused an accident. As the fire department of the North Rhine-Westphalian city announced, the man survived thanks to the resuscitation of first responders and rescue workers. His bus had previously raced at a traffic light on five other cars, the driver of one of these cars injured easily.

+++ 8:08: Fielmann wants to open branches in four other countries +++

The optician chain Fielmann wants to expand after a profit increase in the second quarter. In the next few years, the company will open up markets in four other countries, said Fielmann in the presentation of the semi-annual report. This should happen through growth from own strength and acquisitions. It was not until mid-August that Fielmann had announced that it would take over the majority of the Slovenian optician Optika Clarus as of September 1, opening up the 14th market.

+++ 7.58 clock: Hong Kong police forbid Saturday planned large-scale demonstration +++

The police in Hong Kong have banned a mass rally planned for Saturday. The reasons given were security concerns, organizers in the Chinese Special Administrative Region said.

Prohibitions of demonstrations had been recurring during protests lasting more than two and a half months. However, many protesters still took to the streets. Last weekend, there had been a violent clash between participants and the police in a demonstration.

+++ 7.20 am: drug smuggler sentenced to death in Vietnam +++

Because of drug smuggling, a 24-year-old man from the Southeast Asian country of Laos in Vietnam has been sentenced to death. The man was caught in a routine police check in October last year with more than 300 kilograms of the synthetic drug Crystal Meth, which he had hidden on his truck, as the online portal Vnexpress reported on Thursday. The drug was packed in teabags.

+++ 6.58 clock: Bolsonaro prohibited according to the report fire clearances for two months +++

Brazil's head of state, Jair Bolsonaro, has banned firewalking for a period of two months in the face of the severe forest fires in the Amazon.

The ultra-right-wing politician signed on Wednesday a corresponding nationwide decree, as several media citing government circles reported. The decree will therefore be published in the Official Journal on Thursday. But there are supposed to be exceptions to the prohibition of clearing.

+++ 6:20: Facebook tightened before US presidential election rules for campaigning +++

Facebook wants to increase its transparency in election advertising before the US presidential election in 2020. "People should know who is trying to influence their choices, and advertisers should not be able to disguise who pays for the ads," the social network said on its US blog. Facebook has come under increasing pressure since the scandal surrounding alleged Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election to improve its transparency.

+++ 6.08 clock: tobacco crop in southern Baden begins with optimal weather +++

The tobacco farmers in South Baden expect a promising harvest. The rain of the past few days has done the tobacco plants good, said the chairman of the Federal Association of German Tobacco Planters, Hubert Bleile, in Bad Krozingen near Freiburg, the German Press Agency. In Baden-Württemberg, the main growing area for tobacco in Germany, a higher harvest quantity than in the previous year is expected in 2018. At that time, 2300 to 2500 tons were harvested. The dryness had caused problems. The southwest is reportedly the largest tobacco-growing area in Germany. 40 percent of German tobacco comes from Baden-Württemberg. It follows Rhineland-Palatinate with about 30 percent.

+++ 5.08 clock: US Government: military mission in Strait of Hormuz runs +++

The US-led military mission to protect shipping in the Strait of Hormuz is already well underway, according to the Department of Defense. In addition to the US military are also involved forces from Britain, Australia and Bahrain, said Defense Secretary Mark Esper on Wednesday. The US also talks to several other countries and expects more states to join the mission called the Operation Sentinel, Esper said. The latest developments in the Iran crisis will also be discussed at a Foreign Ministers meeting in Helsinki on Thursday.

+++ 5.05 clock: Continue many requests for World War II +++

Thousands of families in Germany are still looking for missing persons from the Second World War. This emerges from the recent balance of the German Red Cross (DRC). After that, from January to July alone, 4778 inquiries were received by the DRK search service. "The end of the Second World War is already 74 years back, but the interest in many German families in the fate of their missing relatives is still incredibly large," said DRC President Gerda Hasselfeldt on the International Day of the Missing on 30 August. In 2018, the DRC had received a total of 8939 questions about fates in the Second World War. Hasselfeld expects a total of around 9,000 new inquiries by the end of December. In about a quarter of all cases, the search service was able to help and determine, for example, the date of death and the place of death.

+++ 4.34 clock: Legal opinion: ban on headscarf at schools would be possible +++

A headscarf ban for girls at elementary schools, similar to Austria, would also be legally possible in Germany. To this assessment comes the Tübingen constitutional lawyer Martin Nettesheim in an opinion for the women's rights organization Terre des Femmes. The paper, which will be published this Thursday in Berlin, was the German press agency in advance.

+++ 4.18 clock: countries of origin do not learn from all crimes Deferred +++

When Germany deports offenders to their countries of origin, the local authorities often learn nothing about the crimes they have committed in their country. This also applies to a possible classification as a terrorist "threat". As the Federal Ministry of the Interior announced on request, the German judicial and security authorities are only allowed to pass on data on criminal offenses or information on threats to public safety to these countries in certain cases. Thus, for example, the Federal Criminal Police Office "may disclose information on deportees – to ward off a considerable danger to public safety that exists in individual cases – for example via its liaison officers abroad. The frequency with which the countries of origin experience crimes and prison sentences committed in Germany is not statistically recorded, according to the ministry.

+++ 1.45 clock: extreme racer Jessi Combs fatally crashed +++

American racer and TV presenter Jessi Combs has been killed in a speed record attempt and killed. Police in the Harney County district of Oregon state, according to the US media, that the accident had occurred the day before on a race track in the Alvord desert.

Combs, who was known in racing circles as the "fastest woman in the world on four wheels", wanted to set a new record. The 39-year-old was traveling alone in the jet-powered racing car. The cause of the accident is still under investigation, police said. In 2013, Combs set a record for a woman at the wheel of a four-wheeled vehicle at a speed of over 630 kilometers per hour on the dry Alvord Desert bed.

+++ 1.04 clock: Report: Eleven service weapons of the Federal Police stolen or lost +++

Eleven service weapons of the Federal Police are currently registered as stolen or lost after a media report. This is according to "New Osnabrück newspaper" from the response of the Federal Government to a request from the FDP parliamentary group out. "Currently ten service weapons of the Federal Police (with the corresponding official ammunition 9 x 19 mm) registered as stolen," the newspaper quoted from the answer. These are pistols. Another service weapon had disappeared before handing over to the federal police at the manufacturer.

+++ 0.53 clock: More than one million signatories of petition against parliament forced break +++

There is growing anger over Parliament's compulsory break for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. An online petition against the controversial measure was signed by more than a million people within hours. Johnson had ordered the Parliament in London a forced break two months before the planned Brexit. Queen Elizabeth II agreed on Wednesday to Johnson's request to extend the traditional parliament break until October 14. The decision gives MEPs far less time than they would like to prevent unregulated Brexit. Many parliamentarians were angry

+++ 0.22 clock: Democratic Senator leaves US presidential race +++

The squad of Democratic presidential candidates is getting smaller: Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has announced the end of her campaign. It was important to see how best to serve the country, the New York State Senator said in a video message. She now wants to help unite the Democrats to defeat President Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

+++ 0.15 clock: Florida calls for emergency because of hurricane "Dorian" +++

The State of Florida has declared a state of emergency because of approaching hurricane "Dorian". Governor Ron DeSantis said it was designed to ensure that Florida was prepared for the arrival of the hurricane. The residents of the east coast of Florida should closely follow the course of the hurricane. In addition, everyone in the state should have food, water and medicines ready for seven days. The state of emergency applies to all districts that lie on the path of the cyclone.


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