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<p class=In Hanover, an ICE of the Deutsche Bahn had to be evacuated.

(Photo: imago images / Ralph Peters)

Due to a technical problem, around 250 ICE travelers had to change trains on Monday night at Hannover. The ICE 842 had stopped on the way from Berlin to Cologne near the main station in Hanover-Leinhausen, as a spokesman for the railway said.

Before the evacuation action, the attempt to tow the train had failed. The passengers traveled on with a delay of three hours, after they had climbed over ladders into the track bed and from there into a spare train parked on the neighboring tracks. Several people criticized on Twitter that for the replacement train only a train driver had to arrive.

The originally planned arrival of the 19.49 clock in Berlin started ICE 842 in the Cologne main station should take place 0.37 o'clock. According to the information of the train, the replacement train arrived at 3.37 am in Cologne.

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