Finland is the safest country for tourists in the world, experts at the World Economic Forum (WEF) said in the framework of the international rating of tourist competitiveness The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2019. Interfax reports about this.

Iceland was in second place, Oman in third. The top ten also included Switzerland, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, Luxembourg, Portugal and New Zealand. In terms of safety for foreign tourists, Russia ranked 98th between Tanzania and Argentina.

In addition, experts ranked the most insecure countries for travelers. Among them, the first positions were occupied by Salvador, Nigeria, Yemen, Venezuela and Honduras.

Among the safety assessment criteria were taken into account the reliability of law enforcement agencies, the prevalence of terrorist attacks, and the level of killings.

In January, the online travel service Wegoplace released the Solo Travel Safety Report 2019, which states which countries will be the safest for single travelers in 2019. It turned out that Singapore has the highest safety index (97 units). It is followed by Norway, Iceland and Finland, each of which has a safety index of 93. Uzbekistan came in fifth in the ranking (91 units), followed by Hong Kong (91 units), Switzerland (91 units), Canada (90 units), Indonesia (89 units) and Denmark (88 units). Among the most unsafe countries for travelers were named Venezuela (44 units), Afghanistan (45 units) and South Sudan (54 units).

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