The average age of Russians in 2018 was about 40 years. This was reported by RT with reference to the data of Rosstat.

So, according to the publication, over the past ten years, the average age of a resident of the country has grown by almost a year and a half (in 2009 this figure was 38.8 years, in 2018 – 40.02). It is noted that, according to recent data, the average age of women living in Russia is higher than that of men – 42.41 years and 37.26 years, respectively.

The “youngest” Russian regions were Chechnya (average age – 28.68 years), Tuva (29.75) and Ingushetia (31.55). The highest average age was recorded in the Tambov region (43.4 years), as well as in the Tula (43.31) and Ryazan (42.79) regions, the publication said.

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00:01 February 7, 2017

“The average age of 40 years is the normal age, typical for most developed countries. You can be sure that the general trend is that this age will shift. The main factor that affects this is the low birth rate. We know that 20-year-olds are now almost half that of 40-year-olds. And this trend is typical for many countries, ”Andrei Korotaev, researcher at the International Laboratory for Demography and Human Capital at the Institute of Applied Economic Research of the RANEPA, explained to the publication.

Earlier it became known about the "deficit of grandchildren" in Russia. So, over the past hundred years, the average number of grandchildren in Russia decreased by 6.7 times. This was stated by the head of the laboratory of quantitative methods for studying regional development of the Russian University of Economics (REU) named after G.V. Plekhanova Elena Egorova. She warned of labor shortages in the country.

An aging Russian population remains the main risk to budget spending, despite pension reform. In 2019, the retirement age was raised to 65 for men, to 60 for women. According to the Ministry of Finance, within 17 years the number of women under 55 and men under 60 will decrease by 2.7 million. The sharpest reduction will occur in the next five years, in addition, the number of older people will increase by more than five million.

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