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Mutko scolded the Irkutsk business ombudsman for work after the flood

Vice Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko sharply criticized the work of the Commissioner for the Rights of Entrepreneurs in the Irkutsk Region, Andrei Kapitonov, reports Vesti.

"What kind of commissioner are you?" Well, you understand what kind of fucking commissioner you are, understand? ”He turned to the Ombudsman. Mutko said that local entrepreneurs cannot receive funds for the restoration of enterprises affected by the flood due to the lack of necessary acts. According to the Deputy Prime Minister, the reason is the inaction of local authorities.

“They filed acts, but he [the mayor of Tulun, Yuri Karikh] does not want to do this,” Mutko said.

The Deputy Prime Minister called the Ombudsman a “collective manner” of entrepreneurs and demanded to issue the necessary acts to entrepreneurs as soon as possible.



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