A 20-year-old was resting at the Ostbahnhof (symbol image).

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It came to a fierce dispute in Munich at the weekend. Trigger for the Ausraster of a 20-year-old was a refused kiss.

Munich – On Sunday (September 8), a 20-year-old with a group of three at the Ostbahnhof in Munich initially fell into verbal disputes that developed into a physical altercation. It flew fist and beer bottle. The federal police determined.

Around 2.30 clock was a 20-year-old Iraqi at the railway track 4/5 on two 18- and 19-year-old German women, as well as a 20-year-old German also met. Initial investigations showed that the Iraqi verbally offended the 18-year-old from Pasing, whereupon the woman slapped him.

Munich: Man wants to kiss 19-year-old – dispute gets out of hand

When the 19-year-old intervened to settle, the defeated pulled this to himself and tried to kiss her against her will on the mouth, as the Federal Police reports. The Munich woman from Hadern struggled, whereupon the man from Maxvorstadt punched her in the face.

When the friend of the beaten, the 20-year-old German from the district of Freising, pushed away the drunk with 2.34 per thousand alcoholized Iraqis, this threw a full beer bottle after him, but missed their target.

Denied kiss triggers brawl in Munich

At the Federal Police Station at Ostbahnhof, the personal details of all participants were determined. Voluntary breath alcohol tests gave the 18-year-old a value of 0.92 per thousand, and the 19-year-old, who suffered a slight swelling on the upper lip, 2.23 per thousand. After completing all police action, all four were allowed to leave the guard.

The federal police investigate the Iraqi for sexual harassment, insult and assault. The Pasingerin has to answer for assault.

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The Munich woman Constanze Gollas has been missing for a week. A trail leads into the Eglhartinger forest. Tracking dogs are looking for the young woman, as tz.de * reports.

For two years, a 35-year-old Bulgarian from Oberhausen was missing, and now the police confirm two arrests. The two men confess the deed.

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