The reviewer tried to demonstrate the benefits of Grants over the Camry by comparing acoustic comfort solutions in both machines.

The blogger on the YouTube channel Kai Grave showed that the LADA Granta FL 2019 is better than the Toyota Camry 55. To demonstrate this, the motorist examined the sound insulation of both cars under the rear "sofa".

It turned out that under the rear seats of the Toyota Camry 55 there are no soundproofing materials at all. In addition, the blogger drew attention to the fact that under the "sofa" of the car, sealant was very roughly applied.

When the blogger raised the rear seats of the LADA Granta FL, it became clear that AvtoVAZ did not spare the noise insulation materials for this model. You can see three layers of insulation, among which the first, adjacent directly to the metal, protects against vibration.

It is worth saying that the blogger’s audience laughed at his comparison of the LADA Granta FL and Toyota Camry 55, because he compared cars of completely different levels of safety, comfort and durability. In addition, users noted that if “Grant” has more “noise”, this does not mean that there is less noise in it.

It is noteworthy that in the Toyota Camry 55, despite the lack of “noise” where the LADA Granta FL 2019 has it, it is less noisy, which the blogger’s viewers are persistently paying attention to. One way or another, among the audience there were those who spoke out in defense of the Grants, recalling that the price tag of this car was fully justified, and the Camry was good for those who could afford to buy and maintain it.



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