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Media reported on the destruction of a Husite facility with drones in Yemen

The military of the Arab coalition hit the Hussite military facility in the Yemeni province of Damar. This was reported by Al Arabiya, citing a statement by the coalition.

It is noted that drones and air defense equipment were stored at the facility. According to the coalition, the operation was carried out in accordance with international humanitarian law, and the necessary measures were also taken to protect the citizens of Yemen.

The media reported on an American drone shot down in Yemen by the Hussites

Hussite rebels from the Shiite Ansar Allah movement on August 21, according to media reports, shot down an American reconnaissance and strike drone MQ-9 in Damara using air defense systems.

The Central Command of the US Armed Forces then confirmed that they were aware of what had happened, but refused to provide any additional information.



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