Martin Weill and Daily, it's ancient history. The 32-year-old journalist, faithful among the faithful of Yann Barthès since The small newspaper of Canal +, has formalized his divorce with the latter. A divorce of reason and not something else.

In charge of a magazine bearing his name, he explained that the intensity of filming for his premiums was at an infernal pace and became incompatible with attendance in the daily appointment broadcast access TMC. Now, Martin Weill is confined to long formats. A new one has been programmed this Wednesday, September 11th: Martin Weill and the Grand Conspiracy.

Martin Weill swept away by the special "September 11, 2011"

During this evening, the teams looked at various topics that led to conspiracy theories. For example, during the shooting of Sandy Hook, Connecticut in 2012, conspiracists claimed that the US government orchestrated this tragedy at the service of anti-gun lobbies. The Suidlanders, a group of white survivalists, explained why they feared genocide against them by the black community. Also, a meeting with the "Platists" was organized, those convinced that the Earth is flat.

This mystical evening attracted 595,000 viewers, representing a market share of 2.8%, before a second part followed by 452,000 convinced and 2.7% in PDA. Among the TNT, the TF1 group channel has positioned fourth, far behind W9 and the magazine Minute by Minute which evoked the attacks of September 11, 2001 in front of 1.03 million French (5.4%). On May 28th, the last theme, dedicated to the cocaine routes, attracted 690,000 people and 3.3% of people aged 4 and over.


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