The alignment of two objects can “knock” the Earth out of orbit, according to NASA.

The end of the world can be triggered by neighboring planets, scientists say. So, experts from the NASA observatory said that now Mars is closed from Earth observations by the Sun. The two luminaries equaled what astronomers call a conjunction. It is possible that this year the phenomenon will mark the end of earthly life – the activity of the Sun and Mars can cause natural changes on Earth. Such a parade of planets will lead to the beginning of the day of judgment, the last days are numbered.

The list of “official” problems from planet alignment is impressive. So, the Curiosity rover will not be able to move on the surface of the planet, and most orbital vehicles will not be able to exchange messages with the Earth. Moreover, cargo on the ISS can be sent no earlier than September 7. Alternative scientists believe that NASA did not reveal a complete list of the troubles that Mars will bring.

So, the Sun intersects with Mars on September 2 – at this moment two objects will reach the same axis, because of which cataclysms will cover Russia, and most countries of the northern hemisphere. Researchers believe that this is due to the interaction of radiation from the Sun and Mars, which can distort the Earth's magnetic field. This, in turn, will shake the earth's axis by a fraction of a percent, changing the physical constants. Simply put, the oceans can become "crowded" on the coast, and the temperature on the planet will increase by several degrees.

Scientists emphasize that the peak of the interaction of the Sun and Mars will take place on September 7 – then it will be possible to assume that the danger has passed. At the same time, a few days of “magnetic” activity will be enough to establish the processes of destruction of the Earth from the inside.



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