Marathon He continued this Wednesday with his overwhelming passage through the Opening Tournament 2019 and showed again his favoritism to be crowned in the contest after beating 5-2 a Real Society, in the San Jorge de Olanchito stadium.

Games on September 15: This is going to play day nine of the National League

The absence of his main figure in the attack, Colombian striker Yustin Arboleda, did not weigh since the timely alignment of Frelys Lopez doing double with Carlo Costly He created a good combination that unleashed the win over the Tocoeños.

The game started with a Real society fighter who sought from the beginning to impose conditions on his opponent and the first quarter of the clash had several occasions to open the scoring but avoided the goalkeeper of MarathonDenovan Torres

With the passing of the minutes, Marathon He settled in the field and began to develop the possession football he has presented in each duel played. The touch formula worked at minute 18 when Frelys Lopez scored the first goal of the commitment after a precise center of Carlos Perdomo.

At that moment Marathon He already owned the ball and dominated the rhythm of the crash with pleasure. At 33 again Frelys Lopez He scored his double after a great pass from Carlos Discua. However, the gunner was in an advanced position but the referee did not sanction him.

Frelys. 37 (1024x768)

Frelys López and Carlo Costly were the terror of the defense of Real Sociedad in Olanchito. Photo: Samuel Zelaya

Just five minutes later, Mayron Flores extended the lead to 0-3 in favor of Marathon due to a serious mistake by Micher Antúnez who could not clear the ball from his area and gave up the position so that the wheel scored his goal at 38.

Marathon he was about to pay dearly for the comfort they fell in with some distractions and Real society He went to the front looking to cut the lead. In a matter of two minutes he scored two goals through Kemsie Abbott and Osman Melgares at 39 and 41 respectively.

However, the joy of Real society It lasted little since Mario Martinez extended the advantage again to Marathon with a superb goal from outside the area that beat the stretch of Donaldo Morales. This action was at minute 49, then the first part ended.

re. 2771 (1024x768)

Real Sociedad had the hope of achieving the comeback but their illusions were dissipated by the superiority of Marathón. Photo: Samuel Zelaya

The complement was a bit more locked, Marathon it had more spaces and its superiority was shaped more with the entry of Edwin Solano, who on Tuesday played the game of the Honduran National Team against Chile and the next day he entered with his club.

Carlo Costly sentenced the result of the match by finishing off a phenomenal Solano pass that took off two marks, got into the area and gave the 'Cocherito' to be present on the scoreboard.

In this way, Marathon returns to the first position of the table displacing Olympia and becomes the lone leader of the Opening Tournament 2019.


Real Society: 29. Donaldo Morales, 3. Robbie Matute, 5. Samir Martínez, 8. Micher Antúnez, 10. Kemsie Abbott, 17. Osman Melgares, 18. Henrry Clark, 21. Óscar Móvil, 24. Dilmer Gutiérrez, 25. Wilmer Fuentes , 31. Pablo César Arzú.

Changes: Yossimar Orellana by Micher Antúnez, minute 46. Jefferson Viveros by Robbie Matute, minute 68.

Goals of Real Society: Kemsie Abbott, minute 39. Osman Melgares, minute 41.

Cards yellow: Osman Melgares, minute 23. Samir Martínez, minute 67 and 92 (Expelled). Yossimar Orellana, minute 89.

Marathon: 25. Denovan Torres, 12. Carlos Perdomo, 21. Esteban Espíndola, 4. Azmahar Ariano, 15. Kevin Espinoza, 16. Allan Banegas, 23. Mayron Flores, 10. Mario Martínez, 7. Carlos Discua, 13. Carlo Costly , 9. Frelys López.

Changes: Kervin Arriaga for Carlos Perdomo, minute 46. Edwin Solano for Carlos Discua, minute 61. Bryan Barrios for Mario Martínez, minute 72.

Goals of Marathon: Frelys López, minute 18 and 33. Mayron Flores, minute 38. Mario Martínez, minute 49. Carlo Costly, minute 63.

Cards yellow: Allan Banegas, minute 38. Carlos Perdomo, minute 42. Kervin Arriaga, minute 60

Referee: Selvin Brown

Stadium: San Jorge, Olanchito, Yoro.



Marathón crushed Real Sociedad and stood on the 2019 Apertura standings.


At minute 92, right back Samir Martínez receives the second yellow and is sent off for a foul against Edwin Solano.

90 minute

Two additional minutes added the referee to the game.

Yellow card in Real Sociedad

At minute 89 Yossimar Orellana is cautioned for a foul against Edwin Solano.


After 75 minutes, Carlo Costly scored his team's sixth goal after a Bryan Barrios center but the forward was completely ahead.

Change in Marathon

Entered: Bryan Barrios

Departed: Mario Martínez

72 minute


The veteran forward of Marathón had the great option of marking his double by finishing off with the inside of his left foot a ball that came from a center. The 'Cocherito' sent the ball very high. 70 minute.

Change in Real Sociedad

Entered: Jefferson Viveros

Out: Robbie Matute

68 minute

Yellow card in Real Sociedad

At minute 67, the side Samir Martínez is cautioned for a strong foul against Edwin Solano.


A brilliant play by the skillful Edwin Solano who took off how much mark was put in front of him, served for Carlo Costly who threw himself to connect the ball and establish the fifth of the match for Marathón. 63 minute

Change in Marathon

Entered: Edwin Solano

He left: Carlos Discua

Minute 61

Yellow card in Marathón

At minute 60 Kervin Arriaga is cautioned.


Real Sociedad had to cut the disadvantage against Marathón through the newly entered Yossimar Orellana. The attacker found himself alone in the enemy area but his shot went very high. Minute 53


Carlos Discua had to extend the result and mark the hand for Marathón. The steering wheel received in the area, expected to be in good position but finished off right and his shot went very wide. Minute 51


With this result, Marathón is regaining the leadership of the 2019 Opening.

Change in Real Sociedad

Entered: Yossimar Orellana

Departed: Micher Antúnez

46 minute

Change in Marathon

Entered: Kervin Arriaga

He left: Carlos Perdomo

46 minute


Marathón is comfortably beating Real Sociedad in Olanchito.


Mario Martínez took the brush out of the bag and drew a work of art to mark Marathón's fourth goal. The talented steering wheel put all the effect to the ball from outside the area to overcome the stretch of Donaldo Morales. Minute 49.


The referee Selvin Brown sanctions a hand of Robbie Matute in the Real Sociedad area but with the information of his assistants he determined that it was not a fault. 47 minute

Yellow card in Marathón

In the 42nd minute, Carlos Perdomo, right back is cautioned for claims to the referee after the penalty is awarded.


Osman Melgares converts the criminal pitch after cheating Denovan Torres. Minute 41


Azmahar Ariano fouls Óscar Móvil in the area and the referee Selvin Brown has a penalty kick.


At minute 39, the attacker Kemsie Abbott discounted on the scoreboard and cut the distance against Marathon.

Yellow card in Marathón

At minute 38 Captain Allan Banegas is booked.


Mayron Flores scores the third goal of the game in the Marathón win against Real Sociedad. The steering wheel joined the attack and beat the Tocoeña goal. Minute 38


Frelys López scores his double against Real Sociedad with a well-placed shot to the right side of goalkeeper Donaldo Morales. Carlos Discua made a great pass for the striker to score the second goal. However, Lopez was in an advanced position but the referee did not sanction him. 33 minute.

30 minute

Denovan Torres again avoids the fall of his goal with a good intervention after a header from Kemsie Abbott in the Marathon area.

Yellow card in Real Sociedad

After 23 minutes, Osman Melgares is cautioned for a foul against Mayron Flores.


At minute 18, Frelys López scores Marathón's first with a header in the Real Sociedad area after a perfect Carlos Perdomo center.


Marathon's archer is becoming the hero of the purslane with his saves. This time he covered a dangerous shot at Osman Melgares who sought to pierce the emerald goal. 12 minute.


Marathón lives pressing moments before Real Sociedad due to the siege of the Tocoeños. The oil workers had the clear option to open the scoreboard up to three times but did not specify. 10 minute.

Marathon. 1706 (1024x768)

Marathón started the game with doubts and Real Sociedad has been about to open the scoring. Photo: Samuel Zelaya


After 3 minutes, striker Óscar Móvil had the first opportunity after a ball dispute. The foreigner finished off powerful but Denovan Torres interposed to send to the corner kick.


Real Sociedad seeks its first triumph in the Opening against a Marathón who wants the leadership.

6:55 PM

Both teams are already on the court and everything is ready for the start of the game.


Real Sociedad and Marathón go with everything for the victory in the San Jorge de Olanchito stadium.

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