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The man who wounded five people in the Arndale mall in Manchester was transferred to a psychiatric hospital because of his mental condition, police said.

The day after the knife attack that left five injured in Manchester, the local police said the perpetrator would be treated in accordance with the Mental Health Act.

"The arrested man is considered unfit to be in police custody and he was placed in a facility for the mentally ill," she said on his Twitter account this Saturday, October 12.

Although the anti-terrorist police were seized, Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham called for "hasty conclusions" and admitted that it was probably "an isolated incident".

"At this point, it seems that it (the attack, ed) is rather related to mental health than political or religious motivation but of course we must allow the police to conduct the investigation until the end, "he said, quoted by The Independent.

A 41-year-old man was arrested by the Manchester police on Friday after wounded five people in the Arndale mall in the city center. Three wounded have been hospitalized but their lives are out of danger.

Under the Mental Health Act, British police are allowed to arrest and detain anyone to assess whether their condition requires urgent treatment for a mental disorder and whether there is a risk that the individual will wait for his or her life. of others.

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