No inmate survived the horror crash in Mallorca between the helicopter of a German company and an ultralight aircraft. Seven people died – it could have been more.

  • In Mallorca (at Inca) a helicopter and an ultralight plane collided in the air on Sunday (25th August).
  • Seven people died in the tragic accident. The Spanish government has ordered three days of mourning and announced a minute's silence on Monday to commemorate the victims.
  • Among the dead is the Munich businessman August Inselkammer jr. and his family.
  • Inselkammer was managing director of the company "Isartaler Holzhaus".

Update from 27th of August, 19.15: Germout Friday holds statements that in the flight accident with seven dead was human error the cause, for premature. That said the spokesman of the Federal Bureau of Flight Investigations, which was officially involved in the investigation.

Four Spanish specialists traveling to Mallorca photographed the crash site and secured wreckage such as GPS devices that can be used to reconstruct the flight paths. Meanwhile, the police investigations are underway, including the autopsy of the victims. The prosecution Munich I is informed, the results will be sent. From his experience Friday estimates that the bodies can be brought to Munich until the beginning of next week.

Luckily there were obviously friends of the Inselkammer family. They too wanted to fly to the posh restaurant Campino. Because there were not enough seats, they got into the car.

Mourning for the family Inselkammer: Investigations seem to indicate human error

Update from 27th of August, 12.59 clock: Human error could have been the trigger for the tragic helicopter disaster in Mallorca. After initial investigations and interviews with the first eyewitnesses, much of the police's view points to a human error, reports Diario de Mallorca. So far there is no indication for a technical failure.

The helicopter and the ultralight aircraft were therefore 250 meters above sea level in the air flown. The two pilots would have been able to detect the presence of the other aircraft only with eye contact and then evade. There are many indications that the pilots could not escape in time. However, months may pass before a final investigation is available. Four specialists are on site to investigate the plane crash.

Update from 27th of August, 7:49 am: For the extended family Inselkammer the death of August Inselkammer jr. and his family not the first stroke of fate. Some years ago, they already suffered a heavy loss. ( *)

Mourning for family Inselkammer: 70 employees lose their boss

Update, 19.15: The traditional company Isartaler Holzhaus is in shock: About 70 employees lost their boss in the helicopter accident over Mallorca. August Inselkammer (43) was managing director of the company. Münchner Merkur * reports on initial reactions from the company and in the market town of Holzkirchen. Among the company's best-known customers is the Neureuther sports family. August Inselkammer has built the wooden house of former slalom ace Felix Neureuther and his wife Miriam Gössner, as * writes.

Mallorca: Mourning for the Munich family Inselkammer: helicopter accident just on his birthday

Update, 17:31: Munich mourns the victims of the tragic crash – just like Holzkirchen. There, the entrepreneur August Inselkammer Jr., who lived in Bogenhausen, managed the prefab house company Isartaler Holzhaus. He should, like the Mallorca newspaper writes, have been on vacation with his loved ones on Majorca for some time. As many times before, the family stayed in a beautifully located hotel finca near Manacor. On Sunday, Inselkammer celebrated its 43rd birthday, hired a helicopter for a sightseeing flight to celebrate the day, and planned a birthday dinner at the Campino restaurant in Camp de Mar. At 13:36, the collision with the plane cruelly ended all plans.

The disaster happened between the villages of Inca and Costitx in the interior of the island. Residents got the tragedy, rushed to the two crash sites. The small plane crashed into the grounds of a finca, teenagers immediately began to extinguish it. For the two inmates any help came too late. Terrible: The wife of the experienced aviation pilot, who comes from Valencia, saw the accident from the ground, as Mallorcan media reported.

Wreckage parts of the helicopter, in which the family Inselkammer and the Italian pilot Cedric Leoni were killed, were located near an old country road. "We tried to extinguish the fire of the helicopter as soon as possible," local resident Yolanda Romero told the Spanish newspaper Diario de Mallorca. More and more neighbors rushed to help the victims – without having a chance. "We could not save her."

Mallorca: Video shows crash site: Munich family crashed in Mallorca with the helicopter

Mallorca: Accident cause still unknown – President in mourning for Munich family

What exactly led to the horror crash remains unclear. "There is no new information," said a police spokesman for the Guardia civil on tz-request. "The investigations are under way." On Monday, a special unit from Madrid should take up work. In this investigation, the German Federal Office for Aircraft Accident Investigations, unlike that reported by the helicopter company Rotorflug, so far not involved. As it is called by publicity spokesman Germout Friday, it must be a "notification", so an official notification, pronounced. "That has not happened so far." In his experience, it sometimes takes weeks before the experts can name the cause of the accident. So long, the provider Rotorflug does not want to comment on the tragic events. "We are deeply affected and grieve for the deceased," says the company's first statement.

Also Mallorca and Spain are shocked. Regional President Francina Armengol officially called for three days of mourning on Monday. President Pedro Sánchez condoled: "My solidarity and condolences to the families of the victims of this tragic accident."

Update, 2:45 pm: Shock and sadness are after the helicopter disaster. On board the crashed helicopter were next to the Italian pilot of the Bavarian entrepreneur August Inselkammer jr. with his wife and their children. Particularly tragic: The father of the family celebrated his 43rd birthday on Sunday, reports the mallorca newspaper.

Helicopter tragedy in Mallorca: eyewitness reports of crash

Update, 11:56 am: The exact cause of the collision of a helicopter and a microlight is not yet clear, but for residents, the collision was apparently no surprise. Like Yolanda Romero, resident of the accident site, to the Spanish newspaper "Diario de Mallorca" explains, an accident of this kind has already been suggested in the past.

"The plane flew at a very low altitude, flying very low in this area. We knew it had to come like that one day. Then the propeller of the helicopter hit a wing, "the woman told the paper. Although local residents immediately tried to extinguish the flames, any help was too late for the victims.

Mallorca: Munich family island chamber crashed in a helicopter accident

Update, 9:44 am: Now it is confirmed: The inmates of the helicopter are the entrepreneur August Inselkammer jr., His wife Christina and the two 11 and 9 year old children. This explained the entrepreneur's aunt, Angela Inselkammer, in conversation with the Süddeutsche Zeitung. As reported by the daily newspaper, a company meeting was scheduled for nine o'clock in Inselkammer's Isartaler Holzhaus.

The 43-year-old comes from one of the most successful entrepreneurial families in Munich. His father August Inselkammer sen. died in April 2019. According to SZ, his uncle Franz is the boss of the brewery Aying, his cousin Peter is host at the Oktoberfest. The now deceased Christina island chamber comes from the family of the brewery Augustiner.

Update, 8.38 am: The German company Rotorflug Helicopters confirmed, according to several media, the fatal crash of one of their helicopters. "The cause of the accident is still completely unclear," said the company according to the information. The Luftfahrt-Bundesamt and the Federal Office for Aircraft Accident Investigation have already been informed by the rotor flight.

Helicopter crash in Mallorca: Munich brewery family Inselkammer among the victims

Update, 8.05 clock: The local Toni Carbonell describes in the newspaper "Diario de Mallorca" how he has experienced the collision. "I saw a helicopter flying over my house, a few seconds later a low-flying plane appeared and the two crashed together." The noise of the collision was said to have been terrible. "The plane came down on a finca behind my house," he says The helicopter had not crashed far from it.

Update from August 26, 6:05: Many Spanish media reported that four of the helicopter's five inmates were a German couple with their two children. The "Bild" newspaper announced early Monday morning, it was a family of entrepreneurs from Munich, the children had been nine and eleven years old. On Monday morning, the Federal Foreign Office confirmed the terrible incident.

The victims should be loud"Image" to the boss of the prefabricated house manufacturer "Isartaler Holzhaus", August Inselkammer jr., from the well-known brewery family, whose wife Christina and their two children acted. According to information from the paper, the helicopter had started at 10:15 am from the Son Bonet airport and made a stop at the restaurant La Reserva Rotana near Manacor. Shortly after the start of the onward flight towards Camp de Mar in the southwest of the island it came to the crash. The helicopter was controlled by an Italian pilot who left a German wife and a son. The airplane crash of a well-known surgeon near Osnabrück ended in death, as well * reported.

Mallorca: Helicopters – Germans among the victims?

News from August 25th: Update from August 25th, 10:31 pm: The shock is great. The accident shocked. The Spanish government ordered three days of mourning for the region. On Monday (26th of August), at 12 o'clock, a minute's silence will be held to commemorate the victims.

Update from August 25, 9:45 pm: The disaster on Sunday cost seven lives, said the Balearic Government in the early evening via the short message service Twitter.

The five occupants of the helicopter could "possibly" be Germans, the local Ministry of Public Administration wrote on Twitter. Also the Spanish television reported, citing sources of the police force Guardia Civil, some of the victims may be German. Two more people would have been on the plane – probably Spaniards.

On board the helicopter were according to Balearic government a couple with his two children and the pilot. As the picture reports, it should be a couple with their two children (9 and 11) from Germany.

The German company Rotorflug Helicopters confirmed the fatal crash of one of their helicopters. According to the website, Rotorflug offers scenic flights over Mallorca – on three routes from 15 to 30 minutes for 87 to 167 euros.

"The cause of the accident is still completely unclear," said the company headquartered in Friedrichsdorf near Frankfurt / Main in a press release. "The Luftfahrt-Bundesamt and the Federal Office for Aircraft Accident Investigation have already been informed by the rotor flight. The authorities are taking up the investigation. "

The press release also states: "In Spain, the local authorities are on and have shut down the scene of the accident. Please understand that inquiries about the cause of the accident can not be answered until the investigation is completed. All employees of Rotorflug are deeply affected and mourn the deceased. Our sympathy goes especially to the relatives. "

Mallorca: plane collides with helicopter: Several dead

First report from August 25th, 3:46 pm: Palma – An ultralight aircraft and a helicopter collided over the Spanish holiday island of Mallorca on Sunday – with fatal consequences. In the disaster in the early afternoon at least five people were killed, communicated the Government of the Balearic Islands on Twitter. Spanish media even talked about seven victims towards evening: On board the helicopter had been a couple with his two children and the pilot, two more people were on the plane.

Where the dead are from, is still unclear, said Sebastià Oriol, Security Department of Inca, the local station IB3. The accident had occurred early in the afternoon for unknown reasons near the city of Inca, inside the Balearic Island.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez wrote on Twitter: "My solidarity and condolences to the families of the victims of this tragic accident." Balearic President Francina Armengol said: "We are worried and appalled by the accident. Our thoughts are with the victims. "

Two people died on board the ultralight aircraft.

© dpa / Clara Margais

Firefighters and police were on duty because the aircraft had gone up in flames after the collision. Wreckage of the helicopter lay on an old country road, the small aircraft crashed on the grounds of a finca, as Oriol further explained. Nearby houses were not hit, so the newspaper "Ultima Hora". The authorities started investigating the cause of the accident.

The inhabitants of the region are in a state of consternation, reported the "Diario de Mallorca". A man reported a "terrible bang". Eyewitnesses had run to the scene with their own equipment and had started to extinguish the flames before the rescue services arrived. But doctors rushing to the scene of the accident could not have done anything for the injured. In Höxter a pilot had to emergency plane his plane due to engine problems, such as * reported.

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