Collective farm or style – that is the question.

On the pages of the automotive community dedicated to "collective farm tuning" of cars, users discussed "refinement on the verge of a foul." We are talking about images of LADA Vesta, taken in the Chelyabinsk region.

Connoisseurs of tuning could not decide – "collective farm or style"?

First of all, it is worth noting the back of the modified Vesta, which is notable for the rear window, made in the "raly style" in the format of the blinds.

A compact spoiler found a place on the trunk door, and the exhaust pipe and the rear bumper are emphasized with chrome inserts.

As for the front of the tuned LADA Vesta, there is also an abundance of chrome. In addition, Vesta received custom LED optics, as well as protection for wheel arches.

Luxury tuning LADA Vesta puzzled the network. Comment "AvtoVAZ, we want this!" Scored a huge number of likes. Many considered such improvements stylish, but there were opponents.

“They used to put such a grate on the tractor”, “In Vesta, the main bottom is tuned, otherwise it will rust”, “The stock wheels spoil everything”, “The style brought in, but I didn’t wash the wheels”, “Anyway, this bucket is still attached to Logan about ten years to grow, ”they joke on the net.



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