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Both invited at the Medef summer university, the Minister of Action and Public Accounts, Gérald Darmanin, and the region president Valérie Pécresse had a lively debate on the management of public spending.

Spurred by the Minister of Action and Public Accounts, Gérald Darmanin, who accused him of wanting to "explain to companies how to do research", the president of the region Ile-de-France Valerie Pécresse, former Budget Minister, sharply retorted Thursday during a debate on taxation at the University of Medef. "The difference between Gérald Darmanin and me is that I do what I was elected for: I lowered the expenses of the region," said the elected Republics (LR).

Valérie Pecresse had just defended the tax credit research, criticized for its cost. "Valerie tells us that businesses, if we lower taxes, will not be able to put it in the research, rebounded the minister.It would require a legislative tax measure to force them to do so."

Valérie Pécresse recalls the need to remove posts

A "totally gratuitous attack", protested the president of the region, claiming to have reduced spending "in value" of her region for three years. "And when I was Budget Minister, I did the same thing," she added, "In 2011, we have reduced government spending in value, so it's possible (…) but it takes a lot of courage "and" to cut jobs, we in the region have cut hundreds of positions. " A reference to the denial of a promise Emmanuel Macron: the latter had evoked 50,000 job cuts of officials, only 15,000 will ultimately be concerned.

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And the Ile de France elected to conclude: "After the tax cuts of the government of Emmanuel Macron, we will no longer be the gold medal of tax levies but we will be a silver medal.There is still a lot of effort to do (…) and I have lots of ideas. "

The exchange woke up a debate on "the big tax evening" in which the two leaders exchanged rather "dear Gérald" and "Valérie" friendly. Total's CEO, Patrick Pouyanné, cautiously refused to get involved in the "two budget ministers" debate, which was immediately interrupted by Gérald Darmanin, who smiled: "I'm not yet a former minister!"


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