We must face the facts, the first steps of FC Metz in Ligue 1 are very convincing this morning. After two outings, the Garnet already plastered on a padded mattress of four points, but the essential can not be reduced to accounting considerations. This Saturday night, the public of Saint-Symphorien left with the feeling of having found the Grenats as they had left: mordants in the pressing, concerned eleven by the defense and carried by the coolness of a scorer who was waiting for the official matches to dust off the bandolier.

If he heard the doubts that surrounded him this summer, Habib Diallo had to sketch an amused smile. Mute in preparation, the Senegalese striker today accuses three goals in two games. He could have pushed the luxury up to four achievements but Badiashile pushed back his first attempt on the line (3e ). The next, however, summoned one of his specialties: the penalty. The native of Thies never misses them and Benjamin Lecomte will be able to testify after the opening of the score (11e ), who also dedicated the presentations between Saint-Symphorien and the VAR. Glik, at fault on Sunzu's shot, was caught by the patrol.

Diallo then widened the gap on a free kick repelled by the defense, bursting into a forest of legs (2-0, 48e ), and his captain completed the work of a cross-fire on a center of Centonze poorly negotiated by the team of the Rock (3-0, 66e ). A fair reward for Cohade and his titan match.

Another evicted

Naturally, it will be necessary to dwell on this adversary whom Lyon trampled in the same proportions a week earlier. Once again, Monaco was penalized by an expulsion, as Aguilar cut Nguette (34).e ). Henrichs injured, the ASM had no right back on his bench and Gelson Martins had to help out. In the absence of Falcao, Ben Yedder has had a sad first on his side. He also missed pace in a team that missed almost everything.

But the merit lies first of all with these intractable messins who have unfolded a consistent score and pushed relentlessly. Proof that the physical was also at the rendezvous in this evening remained ideal until the end.

"We are not going to stop at this victory": the reactions after the victory of FC Metz on Monaco

Vincent Hognon, FC Metz coach "If we had been told that before the match, we would have signed right away. I wanted to start as we had done in Strasbourg. We started very well. The instruction was to block the players in front because they have very great qualities. They may not have been ready, but they're really great players. After, it's the story of a match. The danger would be to believe that it will be easy now. But we will not stop at this victory. I am not crazy. I congratulated the players but I also told them that the road would be long. "

Alexandre Oukidja, FC Metz goalkeeper: "The start of our season is good, it proves that we work well at training but the season is just beginning. We are a young group, with experienced players too. Sunday, I will not be in training because I'm getting married. If you know me well, you know that I can prepare a wedding in about ten days. I'm very proud. "

Thierry Ambrose, FC Metz striker: "We put everything we needed on our opening match and afterwards too. We managed a full match. The VAR helped us a lot. The collective is well in place, well oiled. The season is long, do not ignite. The coach told us to put some intensity, to get into the match. We have mastered all the highlights and weak ones. We are very happy for Habib (Diallo). He is a very good guy. For his confidence, it's a very beautiful evening. "

Monaco is sick

Already beaten 3-0 by Lyon, Monaco has taken the water again this Saturday in Metz. His right-back Aguilar sank before being quickly ruled out and it did not help. The facts of the game were contrary to the Monegasques, the image of this penalty whistle against Glik. For his first in red and white, Ben Yedder had a hard time to exist. Gelson Martins, finally, tried to bring the danger but he was too lonely.

Christian JOUGLEUX


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