The second season of "Life Is Strange" has gone into the fourth episode this week. I watched episode 4 ("Faith") as usual. With about three hours of playing time, the episode is again significantly longer than the previous episode "Wastelands", of which I was rather disappointed. To the highs of the first season, the fourth round of the second season, unfortunately, no longer oscillates, but again maintains almost at the level of the first two episodes.

Unfortunately, in episode 4, it gets a bit hackneyed: Sean awakens after the dramatic end of the third episode from a coma and has to deal with the consequences of his own actions or his brother Daniel. It is at first very leisurely to the point. In episode 4 "Life Is Strange 2" remains a mixture of adventure and interactive film. For long stretches you just listen to dialogues and look at (very well made) cutscenes to atmospheric music.

I miss a bit the many indie earwigs of the first season. Because "Life is Strange 2", like the Telltale games, relies more on atmospheric music and a strong song for the finale / epilogue. Here, Episode 4 ends with a clear character development for Sean and Daniel, depending on your playing style, which moves both in one direction or the other.

But yes, I spoke of trite: Well, in episode 4, matching the title "Faith", religion occupies a large space. The whole thing is illuminated rather one-dimensionally and develops as cliché as in a soap opera. Now, you could argue that the teenage school drama from season 1 has often resorted to the soap opera cliché box. That was fine, because it was primarily about feelings and character relationships. But if you want to wrap up a little social criticism, you should not make it as stereotypical as Episode 4 of the second season.

Instead, you spool off what we know from hundreds of films and series: Religious fanatic discovers alleged miracles and manipulatively uses them for self-enrichment. Unfortunately, the developers of Dontnod do not show much creativity. It sounds like I'm complaining a lot and I'm not having fun with "Faith". But that's not true. If you look beyond the clichés, then the episode is always exciting and meanwhile, one also depends on Sean and Daniel. That the two brothers were separated and only have to find each other again – not only spatially, but also on the personal level, is a good gimmick.

Also, the appearance of another character from the Diaz family fits in well with the plot and you have several options on how to handle it. At this point, "Life Is Strange 2" then again draws its strengths from the relationships of the characters, because as a player, you can express Sean's ambivalent feelings in many ways. In addition, the small moments often remain in memory: When I had the choice of hitchhiking with a trucker or just traipsing through the desert, my mind flashed through my head: "Well, is that a nice guy? Or does he want to take me to the leather afterwards? "Only with some hesitation did I decide to get into the vehicle despite the blazing heat. Did I regret it? You can find that out even when tugging.

All that's missing now is an episode of the second season of "Life Is Strange". It will be released on December 3, 2019. I'm looking forward to the final.


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