VIn the eyes of the police, a 40-year-old in Hamm repeatedly stabbed a teenager and seriously injured him. To stop the attacker, a police officer shot him. The man was also critically injured. The police and prosecutors informed on Saturday in Dortmund.

Previously, it had come in an apartment building on Friday evening to the dispute between three Syrians (16, 19 and 23 years old) and the 40-year-old Turk. It hit and kicked the younger men, police said the 40-year-olds. After the police separated the claimants, the 40-year-old was to be treated in an ambulance.

But he left and went to his apartment. From there he returned with a knife and seriously injured the 16-year-old with stitches in his stomach, thigh and arm. A police officer tried in vain to stop the 40-year-old.

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The authorities did not report why the parties were involved in a dispute. On Saturday, both seriously injured, according to the attending physicians again out of danger to life.

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