Of course, they calculated everything in advance. The first G8 in public in the spring of 2018 was the BMW M8 Gran Coupe concept car, and now a similar production car is completing the formation of the entire family of the revived eighth series. The new version did not bring any surprises. In fact, it combines the technique of a two-door BMW M8 with a 200 mm longer wheelbase and a body from the “civilian” Gran Coupe. However, the four-door body is reinforced with additional extensions and an X-shaped insert under the bottom, and the roof is made of carbon fiber. As a result, the “charged” Gran Coupe turned out to be 95 kg heavier than the original coupe, although in the case of the usual “eights” the increase is 70 kg.


Visually, the BMW M8 differs from the civil "eights" in other bumpers and mirrors, widened wheel arches, enlarged gills in the front wings and a small spoiler on the trunk lid. And the features in the cabin are another “automatic” selector, a modified steering wheel with separate buttons for M-modes, more embossed seats and additional graphic modes for the instrument cluster.

At the same time, the BMW M8 Gran Coupe and the M8 Competition Gran Coupe modification are presented. Both cars have a V8 4.4 biturbomotor, an eight-speed automatic, four-wheel drive transmission M xDrive (with the option of forcibly disengaging the front axle drive clutch) and an active rear differential. The main differences are in the settings. The base version of the BMW M8 engine produces 600 hp. and 750 Nm. The Competition modification has increased power to 625 hp, and in addition, more rigid engine mounts and a “free” exhaust system are used.

Already in the basic configuration, Emka has an adaptive suspension and 20-inch wheels (the rear tires are wider than the front ones). The Competition version is distinguished by rigid spherical joints instead of rubber-metal, other levers and altered geometry (for example, the camber of the front wheels is increased). Standard brakes – with six-piston mechanisms in front and single-piston in the rear, for a fee – carbon-ceramic discs.


Of course, “emki” allow you to change the setting of the power unit (three modes), four-wheel drive transmission (three modes), suspension (three modes), steering gear (two modes), and now also brakes. Instead of a vacuum booster, an electromechanical unit is installed, which has two operating modes (Comfort and Sport), which differ in sensitivity and force on the brake pedal.


The base BMW M8 Gran Coupe picks up 100 km / h in the same 3.3 s as the “short” coupe. Competition version time is 3.2 s. But in acceleration to 200 km / h, four-doors are inferior to lighter two-doors about 0.4 s: acceleration takes 11.2 and 11.0 s, depending on the version. The maximum speed is traditionally limited at around 250 km / h, but when ordering the M Driver’s package, the cut-off is shifted to 305 km / h.


Four-door BMW M8 will enter the market in the spring of 2020 and will cost about the same as the original "emka" with two doors. For example, in Russia they ask for at least 10.8 million rubles for a BMW M8 coupe.

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