Artemy, the son of Vladimir Presnyakov and Natalia Podolskaya, is in his fifth year. He is a smart and smart boy. The correspondent at the concert of the MUZ-TV channel on the occasion of the Knowledge Day in the Kremlin talked with a star son about how it feels to live in a family of stars.

“I play football, though not with my dad,” said Artem. “Sometimes a coach comes to kindergarten, here we play with him, we study.”

“I rarely see Dad – he only took me from the kindergarten and didn’t pick me up anymore, the child sighs. – So I go with my mother when she has a day off, with a nanny or with someone else.”

In the kindergarten, of course, they know who Tema's parents are, but they do not delicately focus attention on this. He has yet to find out the severity of a high-profile family name.

Natalia Podolskaya. Photo: Felix Grozdanov /

The child also told about gifts from the famous grandmother and grandfather – Vladimir and Elena Presnyakov. “I have all the toys, and my grandfather gives me mostly musical instruments,” Theme boasted. “But I won’t refuse another robot!”

Photo: Felix Grozdanov /

The boy’s mother Natalya Podolskaya explained: “Before coming to visit us, Lena (Elena Presnyakova – approx. Ed.) Usually calls me and asks:“ Natusik, what to give? ”And I go to the Internet, choose something, I send them a picture and they always buy it.The theme is always waiting for them, because it knows that grandparents are always a gift.Petrovich (Vladimir Presnyakov Sr. – Ed.) also brings musical instruments – a toy saxophone, drum, pipes He dreams that at least Theme would become a saxophonist, as he himself, since Nikita and V lodya in this sense disappoint. "

Natalia Podolskaya with her son. Photo: Felix Grozdanov /

“Dad is stricter than mom and grandfather,” Theme admitted, “he can punish him.” Although he receives a belt for preventive purposes, the star boy tactfully did not report.


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