The Danish entrepreneur Lars Larsen died on Monday morning at the age of 71 in the presence of his closest family in his house near Silkeborg. This was announced by the ZYSK Group, which owns the Danish bed storage facility. Larsen had founded the furniture store chain.

"Today we have lost our father, husband, grandfather and Denmark an outstanding entrepreneur, we will all be very much missing," Larsen's son, Jacob Brunsborg, said. Brunsborg took over as Chief Executive Officer of the Lars Larsen Group from his father in June after being diagnosed with liver cancer.

Larsen opened his first JYSK Sengetøjslager ("Jütland Bed Camp") in 1979 in Aarhus, Denmark. As he expanded, Larsen gave his business name in the local language. Later, however, he abolished even in Denmark the word "Sengetøjslager" (bedding storage). There the chain is called for a long time only "Jysk" (Jutland). In 1984, the company expanded to Germany, where the first German branch opened under the name Dänisches Bettenlager in Flensburg.

Larsen was known in Denmark for his authentic commercials, in which he even applied his products, while he always spoke with Jutland dialect. In 1987, a first advertising clip was released with him in the lead role:

Today the Lars Larsen Group operates in a variety of businesses including furniture, golf equipment, restaurants and hotels. According to company information, the companies of the group together generate a turnover of around 4.25 billion euros per year. The private wealth of Larsen was estimated by the US business magazine "Forbes" last to about 4.4 billion euros.


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