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Kurennoy explained the sending of prisoners to the Butyrka tower with their request

Two prisoners of the Moscow Butyrka pre-trial detention center No. 2, discovered by human rights defenders in a cell of the previously considered unexploited old tower, were transferred there at their own request. This was stated by the official representative of the department Alexander Kurennoy during a speech in the program of the Internet channel of the Prosecutor General’s Office “Ether”.

“They did not get along with their cellmates for various reasons, including in connection with the peculiarities of mental health, as well as under the articles on which they are accused. Between themselves, they got in touch. So this is not some kind of educational measure, punitive, it was a preventive measure at their request, aimed at preventing possible disturbances, ”the representative of the TASS Prosecutor General’s office said,

He also noted that the inspection found the condition of the camera in the old tower satisfactory. The tower, according to Kurenny, is not abandoned, and by age it approximately corresponds to the main buildings of Butyrka. “By and large, the camera is equipped with everything. The maximum of the shortcomings that my colleagues identified is a small discrepancy in area, ”Kurennoy explained.

A human rights activist announced the transfer of prisoners from the Butyrka tower to cells

On September 11, it became known that members of the Moscow Public Monitoring Commission found two prisoners in a cell in one of the old towers on the territory of Butyrka. Members of the Moscow Public Monitoring Commission reported that the area of ​​the cell in which prisoners are sitting does not exceed 4 square meters. m, there is a bunk bed, in front of it there is a floor toilet, and water is constantly pouring from the mixer, which does not have a tap.



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