Midfielder Pavel Mamaev left Krasnodar and became a free agent. The club by mutual agreement terminated the contract with the midfielder, who was released after 11 months of imprisonment. Now the former player of the Russian national team will have the opportunity to train with other teams and search for a new club in which he will be able to resume his football career in the spring of 2020.

Football player Pavel Mamaev is no longer a player in Krasnodar. On the fourth day after the midfielder left the penal colony in the Belgorod region, it became known that the parties terminated the contract by mutual agreement. The agreement was valid until December 2019.

“In the future, the club does not intend to give any comments on this issue,” the Krasnodar official website said.

“The situation that happened with Paul was very painful, and, like all normal people, we deeply experienced what happened. But, in addition to the negative sides, these moments will remain in the memory of our fans, ”added the club, accompanying the video recording with iconic game episodes with the participation of Mamaev.

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The midfielder was one of the club’s “long-livers”, for which he played since 2013. First, Mamaev spoke for the southerners on loan, being a CSKA player, and then his contract was completely redeemed. Together with Krasnodar, he twice became the bronze medalist of the Russian championship and twice got into the list of 33 best players according to the results of the season in the RPL.

Mamayev’s future sporting fate was influenced by a criminal case brought against him by Alexander Kokorin and several others after a brawl in central Moscow a year ago. Then the player was found guilty of assault and disorderly conduct and sentenced to one year and five months in prison. Given the time spent in the pre-trial detention center and the satisfied request for parole, Mamaev was absent from the club’s location for more than 11 months.

When the scandal with the criminal case against the ex-players of the Russian national team was just flaring up, Krasnodar immediately made it clear that they would seek to terminate the contract and, if necessary, turn to the chamber to resolve disputes of the Russian Football Union. This position contrasted with what Zenit was going to take with regard to Kokorin. In St. Petersburg, they decided to sign a new contract with the striker, and only by the decision of the RFU he could not apply for the first half of the 2019/20 season.

Over the past year, the position of Krasnodar has not changed. At the same time, the club gave Mamaev the opportunity to first go free and did not begin the procedure for terminating the contract without him. Shortly after his release, the player flew to Krasnodar to negotiate, and in the end the parties decided not to contact the RFU, but disperse peacefully.

Mamaev himself was interested in canceling the agreement with his former club. In any case, he will not be able to enter the field before the opening of the next transfer window, and in Krasnodar he will no longer be considered the basics as a player. Now the midfielder needs team training and the ability to negotiate with other clubs that are ready to wait until next spring. While the contract was in effect, Mamaev was limited in his actions and until December he would only have been wasting time, confining himself to individual lessons.

Now the 31-year-old player can consider various options for pursuing a career and try using any available means to regain his athletic form, lost during his imprisonment.

As it became known to RT, Mamaev can begin to train with the Moscow Dynamo. Previously, the club provided this opportunity to the former Lokomotiv player Dmitry Tarasov, who, due to health problems, was also unable to conclude a contract with any of the clubs at the beginning of the season. Joint training with Dynamo could help Mamaev draw attention to himself and begin negotiations on a contract.

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However, other Russian clubs may also be interested in its services, which can be attributed to the RPL middle peasants. The media reported interest in Mamaev from Ural, Akhmat, and Sochi, for whom, under other circumstances, the opportunity to declare a former player of the national team would be a great success. The Grozny residents' interest was repeatedly confirmed by the honorary president of the club and the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov. Also positively about the possible invitation of Mamaev was expressed by the General Director of “Wings of the Soviets” Vitaly Shashkov.

“We would not refuse such a football player. He is a good player, all clubs are interested in this, ”he told the Samara City publication.

It is worth noting that after his release, Mamaev received a high transfer cost of € 3 million from the well-known Transfermarkt portal. At the same time, none of the clubs will have to pay such money to Krasnodar, since the player is a free agent with six months ahead. to decide on his future sports career.


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