Wednesday, September 11, the Place du Colombier in Rennes was invaded between 700 and 800 young people. The reason ? Koba LaD. Indeed, the rapper had to come inaugurate the O'Tacos restaurant.

The announcement of his arrival has created the craze among teenagers Rennes. Given the number of people in front of the fast food the manager decided to lower the grids and tocancel the event. Indeed, security was no longer optimal to receive the rapper in good conditions.

Is the megaphone and with messages on the showcase that the restaurant boss announces that Koba LaD will not come. Despite this, the crowd is not empty but increases thinking that the rapper will come anyway. As for Koba, he announces at first on his Snapchat account that he will arrive late and then at 5.30 pm he finally explains that he will not be able to get out of his car because of the police.

It still remains a glimmer of hope for the Rennes because it promises to "put that back", hoping that this timea security procedure will be put in place. I have to say that Koba LaD has become the phenomenon rapper with its many featurings RR 9.1 with Niska and his successful titles.

In any case, there was no no overflow and no injuries, teens just could not see their favorite rapper but this is only part of discount !


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