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After yesterday's official announcement of the iPhone 11 event for September 10, Apple quickly made the first speculations as to what the colorful invitation might be like. 9to5Mac examined his invitation and speculated on what to expect on the keynote.

What does the invitation reveal?

Apple invites media representatives to the Steve Jobs Theater on Tuesday, September 10, 2019 under the motto "By innovation only". The slogan allows the company to play a word game. "By innovation only" can be translated as "Only through innovation". However, the title also reminds of the usual condition "By invitation only", ie "Invitation only".

If we look at the graphic of the invitation, it is noticeable that Apple's logo does not shine in the usual rainbow colors. Instead, this could be an indication of the new colors of the 2019 iPhone XR. A May report indicated that the iPhone XR successor will be available in white, black, yellow, green, lavender and (PRODUCT) RED. The green and lavender color options would be new this year and would replace the coral and blue tones of the iPhone XR. As it happens, this year's invitation for September 10 contains some of these colors, suggesting a revised palette for the new iPhone.

But we still have our wordplay in mind. What innovation is Apple playing here? Twitter user Stan Horaczek suspects that the invitation is a secret message referring to a patent for a new camera design. So he recognizes in the logo, a new camera technology that Apple has patented in 2016. The said patent describes a curved image sensor, thanks to which a more compact camera construct should be possible. The layers of the apple on the invitation represent glass elements.

In general, we expect Apple to announce new iPhone models and the Apple Watch 5 on September 10th. In all likelihood, there will be a launch date for iOS 13, iPadOS, tvOS 13, watchOS 6, macOS Catalina, Apple Arcade and Apple TV +.


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