Since the announcement of his break with the former wife of Tom Cruise, Jamie Foxx is in the sights of the tabloids. We said it in couple with Sela Vave, singer of 21 years, with which it was seen hand in hand, at the exit of a club, on August 16, 2019.

As the young woman stayed in the villa of the star of 51 years, the rumor has only grown. However, the actor, also a music producer, ensures that their relationship is only professional. He shouted a video posted on Sela's Instagram page on Wednesday, Aug. 21, saying he had already hosted Ed Sheeran and Nick Cannon in their debut. "I did the same thing with her," he says. We never cross this limit. I wanted you to know, all those who are looking for the scandal, that it's our artist, our family. "Jamie also said that Sela was" as young "as her daughter, Corinne, 25 years old.

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