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Italy has a new government: the populist five-star movement and the Social Democrats form a coalition under the leadership of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

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In Italy, the populist Five-Star Movement and the Social Democrats (PD) have come to an agreement. The new government stands with it. She will be sworn in on Thursday at 10 o'clock.

This was announced by the office of President Sergio Matterella on Wednesday after a meeting of the President with the Prime Minister-designate Giuseppe Conte. After that, both chambers of parliament must express their confidence in the government.

Luciana Lamorgese replaces Matteo Salvini

According to Conte, the head of the five-star movement, Luigi di Maio, will be the new foreign minister. The top official Luciana Lamorgese is to replace the hardliner Matteo Salvini of the right leg as interior minister. The Office of the Minister of Economy and Finance is taken over by PD politician and pro-European MEP Roberto Gualtieri. Defense Minister will be PD Party Vice Lorenzo Guerini.

On Tuesday, the Five Stars had cleared a major obstacle on the way to the new government: in an online vote, about 79 percent of the participating members spoke in favor of an alliance with the former political opponent, with the stars in the past fierce Had delivered arguments.

Guiseppe Conte old and new premier

Matteo Salvini had the beginning of August, the only 14-month-old government alliance with the five-star movement burst. His goal was new elections, the Lega was in the polls far ahead.

Five stars and Social Democrats had then gathered together. Both parties wanted to prevent new elections, because they feared their own losses and a victory of the Lega.

Conte was since June 2018 Prime Minister at the head of the coalition of stars and Lega. On August 20, he resigned, but remained in office managing. The stars insisted in their talks with the PD that Conte Premier must remain. (Mcf / ank / dpa / afp)

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