Island of temptations: ‘The island of temptations’: the emotional reunion between Gonzalo and Susana

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The end of ‘The island of temptations’ left a bittersweet taste in the audience. The break between Susana and Gonzalo at the last fire reached the heart of the spectator who last night lived the last episode of this story A reunion six months later on the sets of Telecinco. Since they left the Dominican Republic they had not seen their faces again, or even exchanged messages over the phone. When he met on the set Gonzalo broke into tears: «I love you so much, Susana».

And although the story could have had a happy ending months later, Susana reaffirmed in that decision she made on the island: «It was something that was finished. There is no culprit. That has happened and that’s it ». She was sympathetic, comforted him, asked him not to cry anymore and argued why he cut communications. «I know him perfectly. I know that if I am more than the account or I show you more affection, you will grab anything positive to think that I had possibilities » summarized.

That was the most ‘sweet’ point of a debate that became tense and fierce with the live break between Andrea and Oscar. The couple formed during the girl’s stay on the island of the Dominican Republic and took away their relationship with Ishmael. It seemed definitive, but weeks later already back in Madrid, the ex-partner met again. That ‘date’ occurred without the girl’s new boyfriend finding out and, of course, this one did not take the subject well when he found out, live. So much, that last night, with an important anger over, broke the relationship before the cameras.

In the fight the intervention of the mother of the Catalan woman, who appeared on the set to reproach Ismael for her attitude towards the girl, was not lacking. It appeared at the moment when Andrea and the boy faced each other for the details of their reunion. Ishmael stated emphatically that “they spent the night together,” while she proclaimed that “Just” spoke. Mother, daughter and ex-partner got involved in a rosary of disagreements and claims to which the presenter, Sandra Barneda, had to end without contemplation.

The other break, that of Susana and Gonzalo, also led the debate. One of the collaborators of the television space, Suso, put the boy in a break by asking him if 6 months after the end of the program he had returned to “having sex”. The young man replied “no.” This comment did not please Barneda who did not hesitate to recriminate Suso. “You can ask her too.” The aforementioned settled him with: “You take everything to the controversial.”



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