With many changes in the squad Hasan Salihamidzic has recently taken care of the future of FC Bayern. Since Monday 6 pm the transfer window is closed.

Now the sports director gives full steam in terms of his own future. His contract expires in June 2020. What about Salihamidzic? SPORT1 clarifies the most important questions.

What does Salihamidzic want?

Staying at Bayern and probably best to be promoted to sports director. "As a sports director, I'm already filling out the responsibilities of a sports director," said Salihamidzic in an interview with the kicker,

Once again, the ex-professional made it clear that in the future, he would remain sports director, not under a sports director.

Is his future related to that of Oliver Kahn?

To SPORT1Information not. in the kicker Salihamidzic said when asked what their collaboration would look like: "We will discuss that later, but it will be a good story with us both (…) Now we are entering a new working level, and I look forward to it."

Internally, one currently assumes that Kahn's duties will not initially be that of a sports director. Kahn is designated successor to CEO-Boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and begins his work in the club from January 2020.

According to President Uli Hoeneß Kahn was "flexible" applicable. The 50-year-old will get in the first few months a dedicated overview in the club, get to know processes – especially on the side of Rummenigge. It is also possible for him, as former world goalkeeper, to participate in foreign travel and to help open up new markets.

Would the duties of Salihamidzic change as sports director?

Incomplete. Salihamidzic would continue to be responsible for taking care of the team and transfers, including promoting talent at the Bayern campus.

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But the new post would be an ascent for him – in terms of prestige and salary. It would be possible that Salihamidzic as sports director would get support for the operating business. Currently, he has up to 25 million euros in free transfers. If it gets more expensive, Rummenigge and Hoeneß will get involved. In a new role, his powers could expand. Most recently, Matthias Sammer held this role with Bayern (2012-2016).

Who decides on his future?

Since he wants to continue according to his own statement, the decision now lies with the Bayern bosses. An extension of his contract as sports director falls into the remit of Rummenigge.

If Salihamidzic is promoted to sports director, the supervisory board will decide. President Uli Hoeneß still presides there, but will hand it over at the next meeting. Hoeness, however, retains his seat on the Supervisory Board until 2023, so he could also decide on the future of Salihamidzic.

What are the consequences of Hoeneß's withdrawal for him?

First of all no. Hoeneß is regarded as a great patron of Salihamidzic, then also significantly pushed his obligation as sports director.

Operationally, Hoeneß could continue to support him through his mandate in the Supervisory Board. Both want to and will remain in exchange even after his retirement as president. in the kicker Salihamidzic said: "My first contact person is Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, and luckily he will stay a while longer."

When will the future of Salihamidzic be decided?

Hoeneß made it clear on his farewell PK last Friday that they would talk about it at the next board meeting – this could take place before the annual general meeting in November or until December.

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According to Salihamidzic, no talks have yet been held. It is likely that these will take place before the next Supervisory Board meeting – also with Salihamidzic, who is in close contact with Hoeneß and Rummenigge anyway.

Which solution is likely?

The whereabouts of him.

"In the club he is seen very positively," said Hoeness last. That he has to go next summer is unlikely – stand now.

Hoeneß and Rummenigge gave their ex-player the chance to go from zero to one hundred as Bayern sports director and gave him a lot of responsibility.

They allowed mistakes so far, were also with words and deeds aside – as in the recent loan from Philippe Coutinho. Salihamidzic would have been appointed sports director, whose transfer efforts are seen despite much diligence but also quite critical (internally and externally), it would be a surprise.

It would be the clear sign of the bosses to continue to strengthen him, after they defended it again and again publicly.

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