The Ishim flood of 2017. Tyumen region, ishim, flood, lonely, high water

Irina Alashkevich traveled several times to the flooded areas of the Irkutsk regionPhoto: Nikolay Bastrikov © URA.RU

The head of the press service of the governor of the Irkutsk region, Irina Alashkevich, denied the information that she called the residents of Tulun affected by the flood “whips” and “cattle.” The recording on which her voice was allegedly heard was called a fake.

“This record is falsification and is currently submitted by the governor for examination,” RIA Novosti reports Alashkevich. She added that during the revelry of the elements she traveled several times to Tulun and other flooded areas of the region. Since August 20, the official is on vacation.

Earlier, an audio recording appeared on the Internet, on which a female voice is heard, similar to the voice of Alashkevich. The interlocutor sharply spoke about the people who came to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin when he visited the Irkutsk Region, recalls the Kemerovo Newspaper. The woman called them "cattle" and "scourges." Later, the head of the Expert Department of the National Committee for Combating Corruption in the Russian Federation, Yuri Makeev, said that Alashkevich owned the voice on the record.

In June, a flood occurred in the Irkutsk Region, during which 25 people were killed and six more were missing. During the flood, almost 17.3 thousand residential buildings were flooded. The greatest damage was suffered by Nizhneudinsk and Tulun.


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