Iris Mittenaere knows a big success in the show L'Oiseau Paradis. The star made her fans dream with a new photo!

Iris Mittenaere is in great form and the star is a hit in Kamel Ouali's show. Nevertheless, she turned her head to Kev Adams on an Instagram photo.

Since her election as Miss France 2016, Iris Mittenaere has come a long way. Indeed, this last became animator on TF1. Then, she is also the headliner of Kamel Ouali's show. For months, the star has been very successful in The Bird Paradise. It must be said that it ignites the scene with its sexy outfits. Nevertheless, on Instagram, she also knows a nice success.

Iris Mittenaere is everywhere and she is on top form. So, a few days ago, she was sexy in pink. The star is wearing a pretty pink top and has sunglasses of the same color. Then, we can see that she is about to eat a cotton candy! The photo is very pretty and she did not leave anyone indifferent. Moreover, Kev Adams still follows his ex on Instagram and the humorist has left him a comment!

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Iris Mittenaere: Kev Adams under the spell of a photo of the star!

The former Miss France highlights its plastic dream on this photo. Thus, it turns the head to the Net surfers. However, there is one who is still under his spell. This is Kev Adams! Indeed, the man left a message to Iris Mittenaere in legend of the photo. The latter left a somewhat mysterious message : «Gangsta Girl" He said. Then, the star wasted no time to meet his ex. "it's the bob effect". Thus, it seems that the two stars still get along as well since their separation!

For their part, the fans also commented on the photo of Iris Mittenaere. These were more expressive than Kev Adams. Indeed, we can read many compliments from fans. " The most beautiful ", " We would eat ! ", "You are too beautiful, the pink suits you perfectly! " Can we read. Thus, the photo of the starlet did not leave anyone indifferent!