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Iranian tanker left Gibraltar

Iranian tanker Grace 1 left Gibraltar, according to local broadcasting company GBC. The fact that the ship left the overseas territory of Great Britain is also reported by The Wall Street Journal with reference to the bureaucratic official.

It is indicated that the tanker was renamed Adrian Darya 1, and also received the Iranian flag.

In the United States issued an arrest warrant for the Iranian tanker freed by Gibraltar

Gibraltar decided to release the tanker, which was detained in early July, on August 15, but the ship's exit from the waters of British territory was delayed due to an arrest warrant issued by the United States. The Justice Department of Gibraltar refused to detain the tanker at the request of Washington. Local officials noted that Gibraltar follows EU laws, not the United States. The EU bans oil exports to Syria under the sanctions regime against the Syrian authorities, but does not ban the sale of Iranian oil, like the United States.

The Panama flag Grace 1 was detained in the Strait of Gibraltar because of suspicions that it was transporting crude oil for an enterprise in Syria.



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