The women who have been harassed by Enrique Albis say they are very sorry with Telemundo, because the television station has not given them space to speak and El Gordo and La Flaca denied them the opportunity, too

Javier Ceriani shared iCompromising information in the program Gossip No Like, which leads alongside Elisa Beristain, in relation to the case of Enrique Albis, former producer of The fat and the skinny.

The driver said there are now nine women who join in allegations of sexual harassment against Albis. But he also said that a Brazilian dancer has told him that Albis offered him the use of cocaine in the dressing rooms of El Gordo and La Flaca from Univision. With this statement Ceriani said they should stop, that is, suspend the broadcast of the program in everything that opens and proceeds with an investigation process. "This program must be stopped until this investigation is over," said the Argentine.

In the program Gossip No Like it was also commented that one of the victims, by name Jennifer Guevara, went to Univision -in this week- to talk with the producers of The fat and the skinny, plus two lawyers from Univision and someone from Human Resources channel. The driver said that Jennifer arrived to ask for justice and said clearly that he did not want money, according to Javier Ceriani the young woman said the following: “I do not want money, I want justice. I want Albis prisoner, but I also want El Gordo and La Flaca to open a space for the girls to talk about what happened to us. ” But the request was rejected, the communicator said. “The people of Univision said no. They asked for time to talk and Univision told them no, ”said the Argentine who added:“ It was the worst decision boys made. ”

The victims, Javier said, are feeling Telemundo, a television station they point to as an accomplice. He also explained that many famous actresses of the chain were also harassed in the casting, and they are not giving spaces to these young women.

For the time being, the victims will not speak more about the facts because apparently the investigation process, as a result of the lawsuit being introduced, has begun.



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