Although to date, the Attorney General's Office has not made it public, Marisol Mercedes Franco, the couple of the narco César Emilio Peralta (The Abuser), has been included from the beginning in the warrant of arrest against 18 people issued on Monday 19 of this month, at 4:30 pm, by the National District Court of Instruction.

Prosecutors have raised serious criminal charges against everyone in the group registered in the arrest petition, for alleged links to a powerful drug trafficking and money laundering network.

From the first moment, the public ministry, which delivered the instance on the 19th, at 10:57 in the morning, before the office of the judge of the Instruction, José Alejandro Vargas, does not reveal the name of Mercedes Franco when he announced the identity of those arrested, of those who had arrest warrants and others under persecution of the law.

In order to justify the request for the arrest of Mercedes Franco, the public prosecutor motivated the accusation against him, noting that he “has collaborated in the money laundering scheme of the organization led” by César Emilio Peralta, “acquiring goods and benefiting from his illicit profits knowing that they came from drug trafficking. ”

Among the assets, allegedly acquired by Franco, the prosecutors in charge of this case cite, based on DGII records, two “high-end cars, namely two jeepetas, a Mercedes Benz brand and a Wyundaqi brand, years 2015 and 2018, respectively ”.

On Sunday afternoon, the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic issued a press release in which it tells the progress of its investigation, and in which it gives balance to each one of the persons imprisoned in the case and those who are persecuting. The name of Marisol Franco does not appear in either of the two listings.

On Tuesday 21 of this month, the Attorney General's Office, DNCD and the DEA deployed raids and interventions that have left 10 people arrested and 14 fugitives. The United States has named nine people as important drug traffickers: Ramón Antonio del Rosario Puente (Toño Leña), Kelvin Enrique Fernández Flaquer (Cotto), Yaher Rafael Jáquez (Jake Mate), Bernardo Ant. Valdez García (Papi Cris), Nathanael Castro Cordero ; Jhonan Alexander Martínez Ureña; Boarnerges Sánchez Nolasco (Warnel) and Carlos Fernández.

Duplication of certificates

The Central Electoral Board (JCE) yesterday ordered an immediate investigation into the duplication of César (“The Abuser”) Emilio Peralta, in order to determine the status of his identity and the apparent falsity of part of the documentation that appears linked To the drug dealer.

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