The Peace Court of El Paisnal sent Ruth Lisseth Mejía Martínez to prison on Tuesday, accused of stealing the police vehicle in the Altavista residential area, Ilopango.

Mauricio Arriaza Chicas, director of the National Civil Police (PNC) referred on Tuesday to the case of the woman who stole a patrol car and that he drove for several kilometers without the police officers intercepting her.

"We recovered the patrol within the first moments, if I am ordered to hire it, we are going to hire it," the police director said jokingly, who participated in an act of graduation and promotion of 224 new sub-inspectors.

Arriaza Chicas said that police officers who had the police car under their responsibility are disciplined and if necessary they will be punished for considering that there was negligence.

Ruth Lisseth Mejía Martínez, 26 years old, was accompanied by his life partner on the Oro road, near Altavista residential, Ilopango. Mejía Martínez asked the police to help him because he felt ill of health.

The woman was taken to the patrol car to transfer her to a hospital for medical assistance, according to the police report.

She took advantage when the agents inquired about her condition with her life partner and that the keys were in the vehicle to escape in the police car.

The woman took the Oro highway until it joins the Troncal del Norte highway and continues its march until it reaches the Colima bridge located at kilometer 43 of the aforementioned artery, where it was intercepted and stopped by police.

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Court orders woman to remain in detention

While Arriaza Chicas took the act with humor, the court of Peace of El Paisnal, sent Mejía Martínez to prison on Tuesday for the theft of the police car, according to the Attorney General's Office.

The judge ordered that the accused, of 26 years, be provisionally detained for theft of a tempted vehicle. The Public Ministry accused her of vehicle theft, but at the hearing the judge changed the qualification of the crime.

Mejía will face a summary trial, that is, it will be the Peace Court of El Paisnal, based on the evidence presented by the Attorney General's Office, which will determine whether the accused is guilty or not, authorities said.

The Court gave a period of 15 days to the prosecutors of the State Interest Unit to provide new evidence and on that date will hold the hearing in which the legal situation of the defendant will be defined.

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