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The Mayor of Frankfurt, Peter Feldmann, wanted to criticize the car industry at the IAA and praise climate activists – but he must not.

Frankfurt – Unlike previous years, Frankfurt Mayor Peter Feldmann (SPD) will not speak at the opening of the International Motor Show (IAA) on Thursday. This was confirmed by Nils Bremer, head of the OB office, at the request of the FR. Bremer said that the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) had informed the OB that the protocol had been changed and its appearance was not planned. At the request of the FR, there was initially no opinion from the VDA.

Feldmann had prepared a speech in which he dealt very critically with the automotive industry and calls for a "shift in mobility" to "stop climate change". Already at the opening two years ago, the Social Democrat had criticized.

"I want to be honest: Frankfurt needs more buses and trains, but not more SUVs."

Peter Feldmann, Mayor of Frankfurt

This time, he wanted to demand, among other things, a car industry "that complies with the law". Germany's innovative strength should not be expressed in circumventing legal requirements, but rather to develop the most environmentally friendly and sustainable products. Feldmann also wanted to say: "I want to be honest: Frankfurt needs more buses and trains, but not more SUVs." The mayor in his speech against it, "that is required to build parking garages, because more and more cars for the existing Camps have become too large. "Feldmann calls for an" ecological transformation "of the industry, in which neither the consumer, nor the employees, nor the environment should fall by the wayside.

IAA in Frankfurt: Feldmann considers protest of climate activists as "urgent"

The Social Democrat wanted to express his appreciation to the prominent guests and media representatives from all over the world for the commitment of the demonstrators against climate change and the IAA. The text states: "Let us understand the commitment of many young people, not as a threat to climate change, but actually as a great opportunity."

Feldmann even explicitly wanted to thank the demonstrators – "because they are not primarily concerned with their own well-being, but with a good future for all of us and the fight against climate change." He calls the deployment of the protesting activists "urgently necessary".

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) will officially open the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt this Thursday. Some hundreds of thousands of visitors are expected again – in the past few years there had been more than 700,000 visitors.

In his speech, the Ombudsman acknowledges that in 2018 Frankfurt was the city with the most demonstrations in the Federal Republic. It is "part of our political culture" to say aloud what you think. The head of the city resolutely rejects violence "in all forms" during the protests for climate protection. He appeals in the draft speech to all protesters: "Make sure that it remains lively, but always peaceful!" In the official invitation of the VDA for the opening event on Thursday morning, only four speeches are provided. Feldmann does not appear there. In addition to German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), the VDA President Bernhard Mattes and Hesse's Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU) will speak at the Messe Congress Center. In addition, the CEO of Waymo is announced, the American John Krafcik. Waymo, based in Mountain View, California, is a technology development company for autonomous vehicles.

IAA is no longer uncontroversial among automakers

Even with the manufacturers, the IAA is no longer uncontested. A new trade fair concept with changing venues is being discussed *. Add to this this year that climate activists have announced massive protests *. Our columnist Michael Herl is of the opinion: The IAA can go *.

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