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“I had a bright future”: a young teacher dies murdered and leaves a 5-year-old orphan | Univision Criminality News


Los Angeles California.- Nancy Magaña had just fulfilled her dream of being a teacher two weeks ago. At dawn on Saturday, the young 24-year-old teacher was killed by several shots: she was driving her truck, accompanied by her five-year-old son and her boyfriend, and stopping near a park in San Bernardino, California, a man shot them and wounded her to death.

Police are still searching for the crime suspect and have not yet provided their description, nor have they revealed the possible reason for the shooting, which occurred around 2:00 am, at the corner of 30th and Flower streets, near Delmann Park Heights

Nancy Magaña was transferred to a hospital, as soon as the police arrived on the scene, and there she was pronounced dead. Both her five-year-old son and her boyfriend, They were unharmed.

“Nancy will be remembered as a very kind and dedicated new teacher (…) Her life was tragically taken early Saturday morning in an act of cowardly violence,” lamented the Unified School District of the City of San Bernardino in her account Twitter "We send our sincere condolences to all who have been affected by the death of Magaña," the message adds.

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Just two weeks ago, Magaña began working as a seventh grade math teacher and coach of the Del Vallejo volleyball team in San Bernardino.

He managed to obtain a degree from California State University in San Bernardino (CSUSB) while performing several jobs and taking care of his son as a single mother. With his salary he paid for his studies and helped his family financially. In his spare time he played football or was a referee.

“She lived from check to check, going to school and studying to get her credentials as a teacher,” her older sister María Magaña told the newspaper. Los Angeles Times “That's why we are so distressed. She meant a lot to so many people, ” he added.

Her sister describes her as an intelligent, kind, loving woman, with a sense of humor and dedicated to her son, and says that her greatest desire was to teach in a high school to Motivate your teenage students. “Imagine how many children she could have reached. The number of lives (impacted) is uncountable, ”said María Magaña to Los Angeles Times.

This Monday, Magaña's students and classmates returned to Del Vallejo school, still shocked by what happened. The campus principal, Toni Woods, cried reminding her: “I was so excited. He was here a couple of weeks before school started preparing his classroom. I told him: 'He doesn't need to spend your own money,' but he did it to get things ready, ”Woods told the KTLA channel.

He also said that Magaña immediately connected with his colleagues and that he had the ability to make Mathematics interest students.

"He had a bright future ahead," Woods lamented the local television station. "Just break all our hearts."

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